Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Bro's Somewhat Montessori Style Bedroom

Little Bro has a Montessori inspired floor bed, along with drawers and closet organizers that he can reach for himself. Although he is old enough to move into a regular bed, he still flips around at night so the floor bed is still a safer option for him. (And, most nights, he ends up in our room at some point of the night, so having something low to the ground such as a floor bed makes it safer if he gets up and comes into our room for a little snuggle time).
We are a little more cautious with the chance for self injury, as he has Von Willebrand's blood disorder. Having a floor bed has its advantages when they are very young, as it promotes independence and allows for movement within the room at the child's desire...we used to keep a baby gate at the door when he was very young, but that no longer is necessary. Now, the only thing the baby gate is helpful for is if the boys want to do a project in their room with their bedroom doors open but they don't want our pup to get into their things.
Having a floor bed when you are a little older is fun, as it also works as a reading corner and as a trampoline when not in use as a bed. Both boys love to read on it together, as well as jump on it together and think it is a blast. It is so much safer to have them jump on this than a regular trampoline would be if we had one.
No more monkeys jumping on the bed! by you.

Braden's train table, rocking horse, and rocker.  by you.

 Little Bro's room has more toys than I am sure that many some Montessorians would expect to see in a child's room, but it seems to work for him.
He seems to like having these little extras in his room.
Since we homeschool, I would rather that toys be kept in his bedroom versus out where they could get intermingled with his "work". The train table works in his room gives him a chance to go and play and be creative in his room. He can make all of the sound effects that would be disturbing if the train table were out in the room where they do their work.
Both Little Bro and big Bro just love everything to do with Toy Story. This is probably because we live an hour from all things Disney and have had season's passes there over the last few years. There are some neat attractions at the Disney parks related to Toy Story, as well as some shops in Downtown Disney that feature Toy Story that is that.
Little Bro also wanted his room to be "either a cowboy room or a space room" when we moved into our home, so Toy Story kind of works with both of these...
Braden's floor bed and rocker. by you.


Mommy Moment said...

Thanks for the look into your Montessori inspired kids rooms!

Love it, but then again you never surprise me...just always amaze!


The Sunshine Crew said...

Thanks for the compliment.
Have a happy one and talk to you soon:)

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