Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Solar System Work - An Easy Art / Science Project Great for the Montessori Classroom or Homeschool Environment

This is Big Bro's Solar System project (on its side to fit the screen).
Will write out directions and will make a template for you to use with your children.
As far as materials, you will need:
Black heavy poster board, glitter spray, foil, glue, permanent markers, templates for the planets and the sun.
This is a closer shot of his project. the permanent markers worked great on the aluminum foil. Gave this work a neat effect.
Here is a little glimpse of some of the projects and space themed things in Big Bro's room.
Big Bro's reading shelf, on top of his night stand. The shelves contain space books, Magic Tree House books, a few Bible stories, and some bedtime story collections.

These are some of the books on his shelf. Mostly at his independent reading level, although some are a little easier than where he is at with his reading...but some books he is not willing to part with just yet...

This Alphabet of Space Book is put out by the Smithsonian. Has a CD and a cool poster that goes with the book.
Found these plastic mats but cannot remember where...may have been Target, but not sure... in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. This is the front of the mat...
This is the back side of the mat.

Big Bro loves to learn about the Solar System and anything and everything that goes along with that...so much so that he wanted the theme of his bedroom to be space and then, he threw in robots for good measure.

Since he enjoys reading and learning about space so much, instead of having books related to this theme in our classroom, they are stored in his bedroom.

Yesterday, at his homeschool co-op, they happened to make a neat Solar System project.

Thanks to Ms. Traci, I will share the directions with how to make this project. I am going to make a template for you for this...will post the template later...

Thought that some of you might enjoy seeing this and the templates of how to make this with your children.
Also, thought that I would share some links to other websites and blogs about the solar system.

Here are two with great ideas to go with the space theme with young children:

Solar System Art Projects by Mrs. Strange's Second Graders
Really well done and easy to use. Click on the photo of the child made project and the directions and materials needed to make the project pop up. Very cool!

Lapbook Lessons has some great free printables related to the Space Shuttle theme.

Homeschool Share also has a neat lapbook on Space.

Enchanted Learning Astronomy Crafts
Enchanted Learning requires that you pay for these...but even looking at the main page will give you some good ideas for free.

NASA has a neat interactive page full of activities for children.
Very fun and educational!
NASA Kids Club


Mommy Moment said...

That is GREAT information! We have the Me and my place in space book too!
What do you say that they no longer consider Pluto a planet?

Big Bro has a GREAT room!


The Sunshine Crew said...

Yes, astronomers decided that it is no longer a planet. It has an irregular path and is too small I guess to be a planet.
National Geographic had a story and so does Wikipedia.
Some of the books we have checked out from the library still have Pluto listed as a planet...so we always have to discuss this change.

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