Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Happy Happy: My New Appliances & the Outdoor Challenge



I am up this bright and early morning enjoying my new energy efficient GE Profile washer and dryer...

Yes, I did say enjoying...

We got two new appliances this weekend and let me tell you...
It is already making a huge difference.
Being able to do three loads at once using less water and less soap is a good thing.
It is making laundry a more orderly sort of task, instead of one that I hate.

Having the ability to do three loads of laundry at once gives you more of a chance to enjoy your time with your family, especially on the weekends.

In honor of Earth Day, and as part of the Cash for Appliances Program, we got a fabulous deal on both.

Thank you, Lowes!

The delivery guys showed up yesterday and the washer and dryer have been busy since...

The freedom of not having to wait to continually put tiny loads in is awesome!

So, since we had more free time, we all went to the park and had a great time!

Don't get me wrong...we still would have gone to the park even before getting the new washer and dryer, it is just that less laundry would have been done and more would still be in the cue waiting their turn to be washed and dried. and instead of really enjoying my time, near the end, I would have been getting anxious to get back home to get crackin' on the inevitable.

All in all, a very nice weekend...

Time at the park with family is always fun.

Well, while I was waiting for the laundry to do its thing, I happened to read a post on Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns about an Outdoor Challenge carnival of sorts put up by 5 Orange Potatoes and hopped over to find out more...we pretty much do outdoor time every day, either at a park or pool, so it was a no brainer to join.

I have attached a little about the Outdoor Challenge below from 5 Orange Potatoes....she has some neat recipes and activities at her blog and so does Mouse Learns, Mouse Grows...

candied lemon peel shortbread- outdoor challenge

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In  the spirit of the Outdoor Challenge, I am posting some photos from our park visit.

This park is such a cool one...very tropical feel to it, as it has loads of palms, tropical plants, and big, Spanish moss covered oaks...

One of our family's favorite parks...

Big Bro enjoyed himself by climbing all over the place.
He was having a great time climbing on top of the bars, which made me a little nervous, but Dear Hubby was there to spot him in case anything happened...
Dear Hubby just stayed out of view of the camera for the shots of Big Bro, but he was right there along side him as he was climbing.
Little Bro spent some time climbing and then, some time swinging, playing in the different interactive areas, and then, walking and running through the wooded areas.

All in all, a very fun time.

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Jennifer said...


Just wanted to say, I don't have a Making Memories Button - yet - but I do have a banner. The FIRST OFFICIAL post is up and the MckLinky will open in about 2 minutes (at 1Opm EST Sunday). I do hope you'll write a post - or even just post a photo with a caption - and link up.

And I'm looking forward to learning more about Montessori Mondays! I was perusing the links on your blog and found several that are not just preschoolers - yeah! I've been searching for some Montessori Moms of early elementary kids... and up.


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