Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Spring Break!

Well, I debated whether or not we would actually take a Spring break, but today, Big Bro and I voted to take one...Little Bro still wanted to plug away and do his work this morning, so that was fine, too.

Both boys have colds / allergies / asthma issues and were coughing and tossing and turning for much of the night.

They, for the most part, slept through their coughing...I however, was not...maybe slept for a few hours last a day off from our regular routine seemed to be a good plan.

We all stayed in bed longer than we normally would if it was a regular sort of day...then, when we did get up, we relaxed, had breakfast, and then, read several picture books chosen by Little Bro.

Little Bro got out some work from the shelves and while he did his work, Big Bro played with his Lego and made a spaceship.

Then, both boys took some time to play with our pup and then, they all played on our lanai.

Our pup was not too keen about all of the little lizards out there, but Big Bro and Little Bro were very pleased to see them!
Normally, in Florida, you always have lizards crawling on your home and surrounding yard, but since we had had such a cold winter, we had not really seen many lizards for months until today.

Think we counted five of them today...they are very fun to watch.

Then, we did a few errands and wrapped up the afternoon at the bookstore.
The boys played with the train sets, and then, they looked at several books. They both were trying to convince me to get some science kits, but I told them that today was a looking day...although I ended up buying another copy of The Montessori Method. This edition of the book is put out by Barnes and Noble. I bought it because it had different photos and a different Introduction than the other edition of the book that I already own. Also, it was only $7.95 so I figured it would be a good copy for writing in and using to add my own thoughts to the book.

If you have not read Strategies That Work and Nonfiction Matters by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis, I encourage you to do so...these books are folks food for thought with respect to getting more out of your reading...geared towards working with children in approximate grades 3-8, but ther books really apply to all readers...from elementary through adulthood...talks about making a personal connection with your reading...text to self, text to text, and text to the world...
To me, it drives home the point of how important it is to make a personal connection to really relating information when reading...
So now, my plan is to go back, re-read everything I have already read about Dr. Montessori and her method, as well as other educational books and then, really work at writing down my own personal connections.

Stenhouse Publishers has a Free Study Guide to Nonfiction Matters, so here is a link...enjoy!

 Dear Hubby made Big Bro's favorite kind of pizza...white pizza with cheese and pepperoni.

Then, he shared the photos from the shuttle launch (Am bummed that the boys and I slept through it this a.m., but we actually were finally all sleeping when it passed by us this morning).
I am sharing Dear Hubby's launch photos for you to see, as he got some great shots this morning.

Then, a big yummy surprise...Dear Hubby had bought some lobster tails for dinner!
They were on sale and he thought that it would be fun to try to make them. Am I a lucky girl!
Dear Hubby did a great job making a tasty seafood treat!
They were in the oven as I was typing.
Then, right as I was wrapping up typing, out came the scrumptious tails.


All in all, a very nice Monday:)

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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