Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Totally Out of the Blue Tuesday!

So, what is totally out of the blue, you ask???

The urge to make a homemade meal that actually requires some planning and cooking!

During the week while we are homeschooling, and when the weather is beautiful and warm enough to hang out at the pool, we usually have very basic meals (mostly sandwiches or a quick pasta dish that do not require much as far as cooking, meal prep, or even a recipe).
We tend to save more involved meals that actually require a recipe for the weekends, when we can kick back and relax and enjoy them.

But while Big Bro was working on his desert animals project this morning for his homeschool co-op class,  Little Bro was doing his Montessori work very diligently, and our pup took a nap,
I actually had a few minutes of just sitting there and it hit me... 

Why don't you make a nice dinner tonight?

So, lo and behold, right in my inbox, was something from the Rachael Ray Magazine's Weekly Bites from Rachael Ray.

It was about great burgers...yummy!

Dear Hubby loves burgers made of beef.
I am kinda thinkin' chicken...as the Adirondack Red Wing Burger sounds awesome!
He is more of a red meat and potatoes sort of guy, and he said he did not know whether he "could commit to agreeing to eating ground chicken or ground turkey."
(Felt like saying to him..."Honey, you don't have to marry the ground chicken burger...just eat it", but I held back and said "Okay, I will make something a little different..I now have the taste for these burgers, so I have had to come up with a plan...)

In the middle of glancing over her fab sounding recipe for Adirondack Red Wing Burgers, it dawned on me that with a little tweaking, these could be converted to a nice grilled chicken dinner, with a salad and something for a side...still not sure what that will be, might go for mashed potatoes...
So, here is the plan...I am going to take her recipe, buy the ingredients, and then, tweak some of it into a marinade for the grilled chicken and use some of it as seasoning for the salad.

Hopefully, Dear Hubby, Big Bro, and Little Bro will rate it in RR terms as Yum-O!

If it turns out, I will let you know and share the way I tweaked the recipe.
If it does not turn out, you may want to just check out Rachael's recipe, as her food is always delicious!

Here is the original recipe for the Adirondack Red Wing Burgers from her Weekly Bites newsletter.

Adirondack Red Wing Burger Recipe - Every Day with Rachael Ray

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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