Friday, July 30, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Wrap Up and Prize Winners...Yippie!!!

Well, the time has come to announce the winners for the Continents...Sweet! Scavenger Hunt...

First, thanks to all families who participated:
Jen from Homemade Homeschool ( #1)

Jessie at The Education of Ours

Kelly from Little Wonders' Days (#3)

Entry (#4) has been deleted.

Honey from Mondorfment (#5)

Sandra, our continents swap buddy without a blog (#5)

And of course, our family here at Sunrise Learning Lab.

Thanks also to our lovely neighbors who came over to help make Owl Treats and Sea Turtle Cookies. It was way more fun with them coming over to help us whip up these snacks. 
Thanks to them for also allowing their boys to be in the photos for the one blog post.

Was going to post a photo tour of each family's scavenger hunt, but it will be easier for you to click on the links I have provided to see what each family did for this scavenger hunt.
the only family who has not been able to submit their photos as of yet, to the best of my knowledge, is Honey from Mondorfment. Her family has been under the weather, but they are still going to be included in this fun, as Honey researched a bit about Antarctic snacks, as well as she and her family are willing to try some of the dried fruit that my family wimped out on, so all of that dried fruit won't go to waste!

Every family who participated will receive a pdf of a nice international cookbook / eBook, as well as some cool pictorial recipe cards to make some fun snacks with children.
In addition, there are a few extra prizes...

Kelly made the food that received the most comments...the pear bunny!
I got comments both on the blog and in my inbox about her little salad.

Jen was the first to submit her entry and to give me permission to use their photos on my she gets a little something extra...

Sandra, Honey, and Jen found out what they eat in Antarctica for snacks, so they get a little something special...
and then, everyone got to be entered into the drawing for either the snack attack gift basket or the snack gift card, depending on where the winner lives...

 And now, for the winner of the gift basket or gift card...

Winning number: #1

Jen from Homemade Homeschool!!!

Thanks for gonna send the pdfs out tomorrow, as I need to pay Dear Hubby some attention, as he has been such a good sport about all of the snack making and blog posting I have done today.

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Hope that all of you will like what I am sending your way:)


Sandra said...


thank you so much for organizing this scavenger hunt! It is so inspirational to see the other snacks since we need some new and fresh ideas.

Congrats to the winner as well!

Jessie said...

Thank you for including our brownies in the hunt!


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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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