Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Continents Boxes Blog Hop - Day 3 - Europe

Here are photos for Day 3  - Europe

Thanks to the following people for helping us to make our Europe continents boxes so nice:
The Grands, who shared some of their awesome souvenirs from their world travels...
Papa and G, who did the same...
Uncle Kevin, who gave us some nice photos and souvenirs of Italy, as well as some older lire featuring Dr. Maria Montessori on it...
Our former penpals in Italy who sent us some neat items from Italy, including photos, pen pal letters, little trinkets, and a bi-lingual calendar...
Various wonderful Swapmates who came up with some really neat handmade items...
Sandra and Karen, thank you both so much! I have some but not all of the photos of the items you sent to us on this post. Both really helped make our boxes more interactive, as  both came up with some amazing things for our swap!!! 
The egg wrappers, Van Gogh's work, and Stonehenge are some of the boys' favorites.
Lenka, from the Czech Republic, who sent us some nice items a while back in a different swap.

Our former neighbors from Lithuania, Virgis and Yolita, and their two lovely children, who not only sent us a wonderful box of chocolates (which is not in the photos, as we ate them almost immediately) but also invited us to various Lithuanian celebrations and meals in their home. They were lovely neighbors and have moved since we last were in contact...
If they happen to read this, we need your new address, as we would love to see how you and the children are doing these days...

Also, if you read through this post and have any additional items for Europe that you would like to swap, either electronically or else through the mail, we would be interested in swapping with you. We are still trying to develop our boxes for Europe, as many areas are very underrepresented in what we have, so if you look through this post and you have something that you would be willing to swap that is different than what we have, please let me know and we would be up for a swap with you. 
We would love items from any / all European countries, but especially items from those countries that we are still lacking. 
The photos do not, as of this morning,  include the following:

The animals of Europe, a  Stonehenge interactive work from an awesome swapmate, Karen, birch bark from Serbia, some of our children's books from France,  and our items items from Denmark.
Also,  a couple of my swapmates sent me some tea but I ended up drinking the tea, versus saving it, as I love good teas and just could not resist! Let the boys smell the tea bags as I steeped the tea bags, though, so they did get to experience that.
Will have to take additional photos of these items and will have to load them later in the day.
Well, any questions on a particular item in the boxes, please let me know...

Paper doll - Hungary

Postcard - Sarajevo

Flags of some of the countries in Europe from Karen.These flags are great!We have additional flags that go with our pin map flag work, but these are nice additions, as they can be used separately from the pin map work...

Paper doll, Russian Matryoshka (Stacking Dolls),  wooden music box from Moscow. The music box and the stacking dolls were picked up by the Grands on their travels. So glad that they shared these neat souvenirs with us!

Christmas card and landmarks from Lithuania from our former neighbors.

Money from the former Yugoslavia from Sandra.

Ukrainian egg wrappers, lace,  pressed flowers from Serbia.
from Sandra.

Shells and nature items from near the Adriatic Sea. From a swapmate, Sandra.

Handmade wooden perfume bottle with perfume inside from Bulgaria. From a swapmate, Sandra.

Postcard and flier filled with photos from Belgium

Postcards from Switzerland and photo of little girl from Austria.

Van Gogh's bedroom activity from my continents swapmate, Karen.

Items from Norway and Sweden.

Items from Germany.We received some of these from a swap and some from our pen pals.

Items from the U.K.Thanks Papa and G. the bowl and tray will be used for practical life when we study Europe.

Items from Ireland.Thanks Papa and G. The little booties are handwoven and called Nellies.

Items from Greece.Thanks to the Grands for the souvenir and to Karen for the clay molds of the Greek coins.

Items from Italy.Some are from our pen pals, some from the Grands, and some from Uncle Kevin.

Items from France. Some of the trays will be used when we do practical life work and are learning about Europe.

Items from Spain.Thanks to Michelle for the Musketeer puppet. thanks to Papa and G for the pitcher and the little mugs.

Items from Holland and the Netherlands.Thanks to Juliette for the hand towel covered with tulips.

Well, hope that you liked the tour through our continents boxes for Europe. Also, so that you will know, some of the items double as containers for practical life. The seashells and nature items from the Adriatic Sea are staying in a plastic bag until we get ready to get into the Europe boxes and talk about the Adriatic and North Seas, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. When we get into talking about these, then we will transfer the sea shells and other items onto wooden trays. I will take photos of these later when we get to that point...

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