Saturday, October 9, 2010

Continents Boxes Blog Hop - Day 7 - South America

Day 7 of the Blog Hop is here! Today is all about South America!
We received some nice swap items from Melanie for our South America continents boxes, but also have some things from former students, as I used to teach at a Spanish partial immersion school, as well as a boarding school and had students from South America.
So, that is how we have managed to have a nice collection of items for our South America boxes.
Melanie sent us some nice swap items and some of them are featured in these photos, so thanks to her. 
Here are the items we have to help us explore South America:

This doll was given to us by our neighbors in Virginia who had been on a trip to South America. Thanks Barb and Bob.

Book about South American animals from the Target Dollar spot.

Photo cards that tell how to say hello in Portuguese and Spanish.

Paper dolls from South America.

Peruvian painting.

Post Cards from South America from some of our pen pals....

This is a good luck doll from Bolivia.

This is a llama from Bolivia.

This is a handmade wooden letter box from South America (I am pretty sure it is from South America, but not 100% sure, as I found it at Goodwill. Could be from Central America, which would make it part of the continent of North America...but for now, until I research it, it is staying in the South America box. If anyone has an idea, please let me know so that I can better explain its origin to my sons)...

Hand knit puppets from Peru...

Clay figurines from Peru...

Hand woven bowl from Uruguay and home trinket from Bolivia. 

Thanks to swapmate, Melanie, for this lovely hand knit bag that is to represent South America...

Thanks to swapmate, Melanie, for this cute handmade drawstring bag that is to represent South America. There are wooden beads and string that go with this bag, but they kept rolling around on the table so I could not get a clear shot of them...
Nice Montessori color coded, laminated outline of South America. Thanks to Melanie for this...

Also, I am going to post the continents boxes contents for North America soon, but cannot post them tomorrow as part of the blog hop. Hope that  you will stop back to see this post sometime in the next few days, but just not tomorrow:)


Donaji said...

hi i love your boxes!!! where did u get the paper dolls??

donaji said...

hi i love love your boxes wondering where you got the paper dolls?

The Sunshine Crew said...

The paper dolls were originally part of a bulletin board set that I had bought in the early 90s. I had taken them and had laminated them but then, with a color printer, I was able to make spare clothes for them. I also converted them into stick puppets by shrinking them and adding popsicle sticks to hold them.
The company that had made them no longer makes them, as I have looked high and low for them...some of the original ones I had have gotten lost over the years and I would have loved to have been able to go out and to buy another set.
Thanks for the nice comments.
Have a night rest of your week.

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