Friday, October 1, 2010

Continents Boxes Swap / Blog Hops / Giveaway

Honey at Mondorfment put together an awesome continents swap, and for this swap, I made items to go with Asia.
Honey has decided to host a blog hop so that folks will see what we made for the swap through her blog, so please be sure to pop over to her blog to see the other neat items that we swapped.

Honey is hosting a giveaway that contains a whole kit of what she made for the continents swap.

There is a link to the blog hop and giveaway in this post!

I really have to give a shout out to Honey, as she did a fabulous job with organizing the swap.

Also, some props to my fellow swapmates, as they sent just awesome things for our swap.
Such great gals in our swap group.

How The Swap Worked:
We all had to choose a continent or part of a continent to focus on for our swap.
I selected Asia, primarily because we have an excellent Asian market so figured that it would expedite putting the swap box together...

Made the Following:
An interactive Asian banner that can be used for several different works, including:

Language - naming the animals and spelling their names with the movable alphabet, putting the animals in ABC order, grammar command cards, ordinal numbers work, grammar  work - sentences and grammar work - parts of speech.

Tiny Japanese Lanterns - for language object or for cultural object in the continents boxes.

Pin map flags - for pin map work

Asian stick puppets (Sent these electronically...that was the other nice feature of this swap, as some of the items we made we sent via email. so the shipping costs went way down, as compared to other swaps I have done in the past...)

Interactive pages that can be done as either an art project or as a language / cultural work...
These pages highlight three customs from Thailand and integrate either works, such as the metal insets and the parts of a flower.

Recipes, info. packet, and  a finger play...

Then, bought some items for the swap...

Soup spoons

Asian Figurines of little Chinese boys

Decorative chopsticks
and a few other surprises...

All in all, this was a fab swap!

I got my box back containing all of the cool items my swap mates have made for this swap.
the boys dove right in and have been loving using the items from Antarctica this week. Will have some posts about what we did for Antarctica soon, along with the penguins work they did.

Looking forward to future swaps with Honey and the girls too, as this one was super!

Please be sure to check out the blog hop over at Honey's blog. Also, please check out the various links to other swap mates' blogs.

Happy Friday!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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