Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Photo Recap: A Few Very Busy Weeks

Making Memories Monday:
Some of our recent memory makers...and having fun while at play...

We have been super busy here lately, celebrating Big Bro's 7th birthday, trying to implement an awesome new hands-on math program that ties in beautifully with Montessori Math***, and visiting all kinds of fun places...Hilton Head, Epcot,  Downtown Disney, and the new Glazer Children's Museum, to name a, we have been working on some home projects that have kept us extraordinarily busy, too...hopefully, some neat memories in the making! Noy yo worry, though...took plenty of time to play and to enjoy the outdoors, too.

***I am going to do a more extensive post about integrating Montessori and Hands-On Standards in the future, but want to get more into it so that we can give you a better idea of how the integration really works. So far, we just love it!

Have not been blogging that much, but here is a photo tour of some of what we have been doing:

We Play: in trees...Big Bro and Little Bro hanging out in a tree in Hilton Head

We Play: in fountains...Little Bro enjoying the new Coligny Fountain in Hilton Head

We Play: in the sand. Beach fun in Hilton Head

We Play: at the playground...Big Bro enjoying spending time at the playground in Harbour Town

Little Bro climbing at the Harbour Town Playground

Little Bro riding the motorcycle toy at the Harbour Town Playground

We Play: in a tree house...Loving the tree house area at the Harbour Town  Playground
We Play: in the hotel...Little Bro enjoying jumping from pirate ship bed to pirate ship bed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Big Bro and Little Bro having fun in our pirate themed room at Disney...

We Play: in the water...Ahoy, Matey! Big Bro is having such fun!

Little Bro going head first down a slide.
We Play: at Disney's Epcot...Epcot China exhibit
Electronic shuffleboard type of game at one of the exhibits at Epcot

We Play...and pretend to drive...Little Bro driving and Big Bro giving some pointers to Little Bro

We Play: in the stores...Having fun, Viking style! Gotta love Epcot!!!
What a birthday celebration! Thanks to the Grands for bringing us this cute cake!
Happy birthday, Big Bro!

Birthday balloon swords!

We play: with props...Big Bro checking out x-rays at the Glazer Children's Museum

We Play: to be like our community heroes...Little Bro digging being a firefighter

Big Bro hanging out by the fire hydrant

The boys having a ball at this exhibit...definitely one of their favorites...

We Play: and help out, too...Helping the pets at the Glazer Children's Museum

 Figuring out sets using Montessori and Hands-On Standards materials...yes, math can be fun!
We Play: to help turn on to math...Happy Big Bro, who loves using Hands-on Standards in conjunction with Montessori for math...

We Play: with blocks for math...Little Bro practicing ordinal counting...first through fifth...

Big Bro and Dear Daddy...when Big Bro was newborn...seems like it was just yesterday that Big Bro was this tiny!

We Play: with Daddy...Big Bro and Dear Daddy having fun working together to build one of Big Bro's birthday presents.
Happy 7th birthday Dear Big Bro! We love you so much!

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Be sure to pop over and see all of the posts about play and children. Always feel inspired when I read all of the neat things others are doing with their children to encourage play and learning...

This post is linked over at Adventures in McQuill-land as part of her Making Memories Monday link ups.  Thanks to Jennifer for always having a  place to link up family memories. It makes me reflect on the fact that even when life is very busy / bordering on frenetic, to take time to savor the small and large moments in life with your family.
Thanks, Jen, for the reminder. Please be sure to read Jennifer's post and all of the link-ups over on her blog.


Jen said...

Ooooo! How was the children's museum?

The Sunshine Crew said...

It was a blast! We bought a family pass.

amandab said...

Looks like you have been having lots of fun times, and some that involved a bit of learning too! :)

Marita said...

Oh so much fun. I'm very envious.

Kelly said...

Busy, busy but heaps of fun! Great job Mum!

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Wow, you must be exhausted after so much fun! LOL

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