Sunday, October 3, 2010

Continents Boxes Blog Hop - Day 1 - General Geography

Today kicks off the "In the Continent Boxes" blog hop.

Here is the week long schedule for the blog hop...
Sunday, October 3 -- The World (general globe or world map posts)
Monday, October 4 -- Africa
Tuesday, October 5 -- Europe
Wednesday, October 6 -- Asia
Thursday, October 7 -- Australia
Friday, October 8 -- Antarctica
Saturday, October 9 -- South America
Sunday, October 10 -- North America

Here is my post about geography / general resources for the world that we use in our Montessori-inspired homeschools.

Did not take photos of our three part cards, international cookbooks, the world paper dolls, the children of the world stick puppets, or some of the international arts and crafts books we use, but these photos will give you a general idea of the resources we use and love. If you look through these photos and have any questions or comments, please contact me and I will give you some additional information about the particular material(s) in question...

International celebrations books
World Stamps work...there are stamps from around the world divided by continent. Boys have to use a tweezers to pick up the laminated stamps and sort them by continent...
Global themed children's  books: Bread, Bread, Bread, Hats, Hats, Hats, What is Your Language? The Colors of Us, and The Children of the World
Lullabies and stories from around the world: Hush!,  Stories from Around the World, and Sleep, Sleep, Sleep
Interactive globe work...these are actually quite good, even though not a traditional Montessori type work...
Montessori Pin Map and Pin Map Flags Work
In addition to regular Montessori-style puzzles, we also have taken the various control maps and have laminated them and mounted them onto foam core board. The boys play a game where they drop a small bean bag onto the world map and then, they have to name items from that Continent...might name an animal, a landmark, a type of food, an artifact from our Continents boxes, etc. We do this game as an extension of the Montessori maps work they do...
Puzzle Book of the Continents, World activity book, This is My House book
Global themed cross-curricular, multi-aged books by Belfair Publications, including:  A World of Display, The Spice of Life, Tales for Topics, A Sense of Place, In a Moment, and Legend into Language...these books are fabulous resources for Montessori inspired work but also for Reggio Emilia inspired long term projects that integrate language, world cultures, and fine arts.

Child-sized globe with labels.
Children's pictorial Atlas, children's atlas with photos and illustrations, photo book about children around the world, and collage  book about animals of the world
Soft Sculpture globe and dolls of the world. Works well as a Montessori work, as it includes a control of error for the dolls and is appropriate in a multi-aged classroom, as the work can be done where the child just matched the dolls to the correct continent or else, for an older child, there are question cards that can make this more of a challenging work...the only downside is that the globe does not exactly match the Montessori inspired colors for globe work...but this does not seem to be an issue for Big Bro or for Little Bro...
Well, that's the photo tour of our general geography resources here at Sunrise Learning Lab. Hope that you will join the blog hop, as Big Bro, Little Bro, and I can't wait to see all of the neat materials other people use for their continents studies. 

Also, here is a list of links to people's past blog posts about their continents boxes. If you are just getting started, you might want to read these posts, in addition to any of the posts that link up this week to the blog hop:

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And be sure to check out the great geography links at Peacefulmann's blog.


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