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Disclosure 2011 - Updated for 2012

2012 Update: 
This disclosure I had written for 2011 is pretty much the same for 2012.
The only difference is that now, since I have some health issues, my blog might include posts regarding treatments, procedures, hospitals, and how things are impacting the whole family as the time goes on...
We will see...not sure how much I will post about things during this time. 
You will hear me mention Pinterest quite a bit, as I am using Pinterest as a tool to help me to visualize positive things during this whole process. I love Pinterest, but am just a fan, not an employee. The opinions expressed on my blog about things are entirely my own. 
The only other thing is that I am not sure how often I will be doing reviews or giveaways during this time. 

To be in compliance with the recent FTC ruling, here is my full disclosure policy for 2011
(as well as now, 2012):
Sunrise Learning Lab is written by me, Colleen.

Sunrise Learning Lab was initially created to be able to share with family and close friends about the joy of homeschooling…the day to day of our lives.
As time has progressed, in addition to just being an online diary of our day-to-day, it has also become a blog to encourage others primarily in the realm of homeschooling or early childhood / elementary education, including educational materials, printables, arts and crafts ideas, recipes, field trips, travel destinations designed for children, co-op information, and coupons, discounts, and reviews that would help moms save money on items for their children, etc. We use a variety of materials and methods, pulling from Montessori, Malaguzzi, Mason, Gardner, Holt, Vygotsky, Froebel, and others.

We use both Christian and secular materials. We are open to using a variety of Christian and secular materials in our day to day as long as the materials are respectful of our concept of faith, religion, and peace. We wish for our sons to have a greater understanding of the world and its people, so we are open to learning about various cultures, customs, traditions, and beliefs. We do not have an issue with using secular materials for some subjects, such as math, art, or music.

Sunrise Learning Lab accepts free products and / or services from companies and organizations, if the products and / or services tie in with the way we homeschool. The products and / or services have to be something that we genuinely would want to use within the scope of our day-to-day. So, if  and when companies have educational products or services they wish for me to review, I do so with utmost enthusiasm and interest, as reviewing their products is beneficial to my readers as well as to my family. Our family also loves to travel and wholeheartedly supports experiential learning through life experiences. So, if a company has a neat exhibit that they want us to review, a show that they would like us to see, a festival they would like us to attend, or an adventure they want us to try, we are game for that.

Update: 1/15/11: I have added widgets to show great children's books that from Amazon.
Will update widgets from time to time, but the books that will be featured are books that we really enjoy within our home.
Sunrise Learning Lab is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to but again, the main focus is to have a way to show my readers great books for their children, not to be a huge money maker. 
On many occasions, I mention nonprofit organizations that have neither offered a product or a service but the nonprofit stands for something that we believe in as a family, so I will promote their programs completely on my own just because we believe in their mission / vision.

This includes, but is not limited to:
The Association of Children’s Museums and all member museums, CAL (The Center for Applied Linguistics), The North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), AMS (American Montessori Society), The Montessori Foundation / International Montessori Council (IMC), Operation Christmas Child, Mercy Corps, Alpha House, Bethany House Services, as well as other Christian organizations.

I have signed the pledge to Blog with Integrity and do the utmost to keep this pledge.

The products and / or services reviewed by me have been reviewed honestly and thoroughly.

I do not currently accept any form of cash advertising, or paid topic insertions, but do entertain the idea of having sponsors for people whom I have already reviewed products or services for, have built a rapport with, and feel confident that their products are representative of what I want for my own family and therefore, I  feel comfortable having them as a sponsor. The sponsor agreement still does not involve accepting cash but only additional new products or services for our family to try.

UPDATE - 2/10/2011
If / when the occasion arises, will also be available to do consulting work for education-related companies with whom I have built a relationship with, but if / when I decide to do any sort of consulting, that will be done off of my blog and as a separate arrangement between me and the company(ies).  So, an opportunity to do consulting may arise from having my Sunrise Learning Lab blog, but the actual job of consulting and all that consulting would entail would be separate from my blog, not as posts on my blog.

I have become an Amazon Associate / Affiliate but this is because our family is already quite pleased with and we already frequently order books and other items from Amazon that relate to homeschooling. We have been very happy with Amazon and any / all purchases we have made through them, so this is why I have added two widgets. Plus, it will be so much easier for my readers to see the books we are using in the widgets and then, if you would like the same book, all you would have to do is to click on the book to find out about buying it through

Sunrise Learning Lab is not designed to be a cash cow or an online is designed to give my family and me a voice about our homeschooling and life in general, as well as a resource for my readers who might also be going along their journey in life trying to figure out how to make the most of their day to day interactions with their young children, too.

So that is it, in a nutshell...


Mommy Moment said...

Great disclosure. I also like how you freshened up the blog!
Nice and clean and easy to navigate!

Hope you are having a wonderful week :)


Heidi said...

The cash cow comment actually made me laugh a little bit :) I too like how you have freshened up the sidebar.

Have a great New Year!

Lynette said...

Nice blog. Love all the books! Would you consider taking a look at our PicPocket Book picture book apps for the iPhone and iPad and review on your site if you think the apps would interest your readers?

Lynette said...

Very nice site. Would you consider reviewing PicPocket Books - picture books for the iPhone and iPad? I'd be happy to offer you review codes and codes fora giveaway if your readers would be interested.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Lynnette,

Would love to do a review and giveaway for you. Tried to contact you back by email, but when I clicked onto your link, it did not give me a link up to your email. If you wish to email me, my email is cmbmomof2 at yahoo dot com

Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you,


Wendy said...

I would like to know if I can send you some sample educational toys for reviews or giveaways. Our company name is Safari ltd and we are located in Florida.
my e-mail is

Thank you


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