We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
***This program is for residents of Florida only...

More Gifted Program Details!

More Gifted Program Details!
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Monday, January 3, 2011


2014 Update:
I am in the process of updating this entire Disclosure Statement, as my sons have grown, our homeschooling has significantly changed, and so on...so please consider this as being under construction. I will have a new disclosure statement up hopefully by tomorrow. Thanks! :)


Mommy Moment said...

Great disclosure. I also like how you freshened up the blog!
Nice and clean and easy to navigate!

Hope you are having a wonderful week :)


Heidi said...

The cash cow comment actually made me laugh a little bit :) I too like how you have freshened up the sidebar.

Have a great New Year!

Lynette said...

Nice blog. Love all the books! Would you consider taking a look at our PicPocket Book picture book apps for the iPhone and iPad and review on your site if you think the apps would interest your readers?

Lynette said...

Very nice site. Would you consider reviewing PicPocket Books - picture books for the iPhone and iPad? I'd be happy to offer you review codes and codes fora giveaway if your readers would be interested.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi Lynnette,

Would love to do a review and giveaway for you. Tried to contact you back by email, but when I clicked onto your link, it did not give me a link up to your email. If you wish to email me, my email is cmbmomof2 at yahoo dot com

Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you,


Wendy said...

I would like to know if I can send you some sample educational toys for reviews or giveaways. Our company name is Safari ltd and we are located in Florida.
my e-mail is wendyszymanski@safariltd.com

Thank you


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