Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fab Fresh Fun Practical Life: Milk Pops!

Most likely, many of you who will read this have children who love frozen treats.
Both boys love, love, love eating frozen snacks, from ice cream to Italian ice...and they also love to make homemade frozen treats.

Well, today we decided that it would be fun to combine doing a practical life activity and making some Fab Fresh Fun treats: Milk Pops!

These are super easy and fun for children to make for themselves.
What you will need to make these pops:

A plastic container to hold the pops

Some flavored milk (We used Horizon Organic Milk Boxes in three varieties:
lowfat chocolate, lowfat strawberry, and lowfat vanilla.)
 Fresh cut strawberries

 Mini chocolate chips

The boys got to decide what they wanted to add to their milk pops.

Big Bro chose Organic Vanilla and mini chocolate chips for both of his pops...
Little Bro chose Organic Chocolate with mini chocolate chips for his first milk pop and then, 
he selected Organic Strawberry with fresh diced strawberry pieces for his second milk pop.

What is so ideal with using Horizon Organic Milk boxes is that they are Ultra-Pasteurized so that they do not require refrigeration...this is great if you would want to make these with a classroom of children or at a party, because you could feasibly have one box per child all ready to go before starting and then, you would just pop the milk pops into the freezer to harden after everyone has made one or two pops for themselves.
Here are some photos of the boys' milk pops and then, the boys placing them into the freezer.
They really had a blast making them and cannot wait until they are hard enough to eat and enjoy!
 So easy and so fun! Plus, they are free of artificial everything!
Just good, wholesome yummy, simple, and organic!!!
Will tweet about how they turn out sure they will be quite tasty though!
I was not asked to provide this recipe for milk pops by Horizon Organic Milk. We just happen to love their milk and found it to work well for this project!


Lori said...

Love this idea! I can't wait to hear how they turn out. Be sure to tweet us. :)

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

My kids love making pops and they would just flip to get to add their own mixings.

Thanks for the idea!

Jenni and Jody said...

YUM!! Can't wait to do this with our kids. Love your blog!

EcoCrazyMom said...

I would like to suggest buying horizon milk in a carton, rather than individual single serving boxes, especially if doing this with a class! Think about all of the waste individual boxes will create, not to mention the extra cost compared to buying a carton.

The Sunshine Crew said...

Hi EcoCrazyMom, True that conceivably the individual cartons could end up being wasteful, but the individual cartons serve a few purposes: individual portion control for a child to be able to have their pop turn out properly, plus the individual boxes do not require refrigeration, so if a classroom wants to do this project, it can be possible to do without having to have a place to hold cold milk before doing the project...just need a way to freeze the pops afterwards.
Plus, if a teacher does not have it in the budget to buy the milks for all of the children, then a teacher could feasibly ask each child to bring one individual container into school for the purpose of this project.
You can then re-purpose the individual milks cartons for various projects in the classroom:
You can wash and dry the milk cartons and then, cover with fabric and use as blocks in the classroom.
if you cover two boxes with identical fabric, the boxes can serve to be a matching toy for younger children.
You can cover them to also make into a class village by using either fabric on the boxes and then, by decorating the boxes to resemble buildings etc. for a town scene. Children can decorate the boxes.
You can also make a 3D timeline with the boxes by covering the boxes with fabric and then drawing various figures to go on a timeline.
So, while you do have a point about the possibility that it would work better and be less wasteful to use a whole carton of milk versus the individual portions, there are practical reasons why the individual ones might suffice, as well as great ways for re-purposing the individual milk cartons that will be long lasting and not wasteful.
Thanks for your two cents though. We do try to be eco-friendly here and do our best to re-purpose items when possible:)

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