Friday, April 29, 2011

World Reptiles: Cool Work from Laughing Star Montessori

Recently, the boys and I had the privilege of reviewing two versions of wonderful Montessori inspired work: World Reptiles  - Early Childhood Version and World Reptiles - Elementary Version.
Laughing Star Montessori created these lovely cards and the work that goes with them.
Worked out great, as Little Bro completed the Early Childhood Version and Big Bro did the Elementary Version.
For the first Early Childhood Presentation, the child is shown the cards and then, does a choosing and naming activity.
We then sang the Continents Song we sing here:
North America
South America 
and Europe!
Little Bro laid out the continents label cards in the order from our song, from left to right on top of his rug. He then sorted the cards based on their continent labels. He then did his best to read the names of each animal from his cards. I helped him with some of the animal names.
As an extension to his work, he selected his favorite one from all of the cards. He drew a picture of it and then, did some completed the sentence about where his favorite animal was from by writing the word Africa.

For the Elementary Version, Big Bro had a great time learning various facts about reptiles from around the globe.
First, he sorted the cards by continent. Then he read the cards independently, and then, later in the morning, he shared the information on the cards with Little Bro. Both of the boys loved sitting together and learning facts about the reptiles.
As an extension, Laughing Star Montessori suggests that an elementary child could pick a card and draw it in their journal or on paper. Big Bro did this extension and enjoyed doing it!

Our family really found these cards to be interesting, well done, and informative. We liked that the work was already differentiated for younger and older children, as many times, I have to work to make Montessori work more challenging for Big Bro...this time, the work was done for me!
Would highly encourage you to check out Laughing Star Montessori's collection of World Animals work. We really enjoyed these cards and think you will too!
Here are some photos of the boys doing their World Reptiles work:

Disclaimer: We were given pdfs of both of the version of this World Reptiles work. In exchange, we agreed to provide an honest review of the products. The opinions expressed in this post are genuine. We really found this work to be enjoyable and educational and were glad to have the opportunity to review it!


The Education Of Ours said...

I love that work, I had it in my old classroom. The children adored it! It's always a joy to see your boys at work.

Discovering Montessori said...

Thanks for sharing this work. My son has a strong interest in geography and for zoology he has been learning about reptiles. This is a prefect combination for him. Love all the work they did especially their work with writing, Thank you again for sharing.

Terry said...

Your boys look like they are really getting into that.

Thanks for the follow on twitter, I followed you back and also now follow gfc.

Lexie Lane said...

Wow! This is a really great way to get them into it! They look like they're actually having fun!

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Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

Take Care,

Lexie Lane

P.S. Please come and join our year long Hop with Hopper Strategized when you have a chance!

Counting Coconuts said...

Great post!

I wanted to respond to your the comment you left on my blog - thanks so much for voting for my blog in the Circle of Moms contest and for sharing the news with others, too! You're so sweet!


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