Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Fun Inspiration: Elastic Font!

Got up early this morning and was reading various tweets.
Happened to read one by @bitrebels that mentioned an Elastic Font on the Behance Network created by Jenny Kyvik Hutchens

If you are on Twitter and you don't follow @bitrebels, and if your family likes super creative projects, suggest that you follow them. They have great ideas and tweet about things related to design and technology. 

Bit Rebels Contributor, Richard Darell, did a great post about Jenny Kyvik Hutchens and her cool school project. Jenny lives in Norway and created an amazing project that started with rubber bands.
Her rubber band letters translated into a font as a school typography project is sure to inspire many...know that it will inspire my sons.

Here is a quote from the post by Richard Darell from Bit Rebels called The Elastic Band Typography who describes Jenny's project:

So what is typography, and who creates it? Well, anyone can create it, and if you’re good or if you come up with a unique idea, you could potentially get your idea to go viral. That’s exactly what Jenny Kyvik Hutchens did. She created a typography alphabet for her school project. But it ain’t just any ole typography project because it’s quite unique. It’s one of those odd things that just makes sense, a lot of sense.
She used rubber bands to create all the letters in the alphabet. By using nails attached to a board, she brilliantly managed to create the shapes and forms for a whole new font if you will. The finished result is really inspiring to look at, and it must have taken quite some time to figure out all the positions for the nails and where the rubber bands must go to form exactly the letter she wanted. It’s a brilliant example of what pure creativity can result in, and I am as blown away by this as you probably are. Pure creativity at its best!

Big Bro especially loves creating forms with his geoboard.
It is something that appeals to his way of learning. 
He seems to really thrive at creating complex geometric designs.
Big Bro really enjoys making intricate designs on the geoboards. 
Some of the designs that Big Bro makes are just amazing! 
It is almost hard to believe that he has made them just by using rubber bands.

Little Bro also seems to enjoy geometric design.
Well, after seeing Jenny's Elastic Font, I cannot wait to show the boys!
Predict it will be inspirational for taking geoboard creations and making them into graphics on our computer.  Big Bro has created so many neat geometric designs and it will be great for him to take his work and make them into a graphic design project.

Thanks to Jenny, Richard, Behance Network, and Bit Rebels for sharing this cool project and what will surely lead to inspiration of other projects for the boys here.

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Lori said...

Hi Colleen,

I am so very sorry, I really thought I was following you on Twitter. I do try and follow people who are relevant to what we do. I am now for sure. I came straight over to your blog to follow your blog and your Twitter! And I must say I love love your blog! It's so awesome.
I have been wanting to make these geo boards for some time now. I have the wood for them, but I get so wrapped up in other projects for the kids, I keep forgetting about them.
Thanks for grabbing my button! That's means a lot to me!


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