Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Fun for Little Ones From Sunflower Schoolhouse!

A while back, I happened to come across a neat blog called Sunflower Schoolhouse.

Honey Brown, the mommy blogger behind Sunflower Schoolhouse, had come up with an awesome unit all about Canada. Then, I was blessed to win some neat penguin games that she had made!

We used them this past winter and they were a hit in our homeschool!

Well, while trying to get things ready for this coming school year, I came across some neat freebies on Honey's website and made up two of them.

The first one is called The Army Alphabet Game - The Phonics version.

For this game, you print out and laminate the game board and cards made by Honey and then, head to a dollar section of your choice and buy some green plastic "Army guys"...we found our Plastic Soldier Playset in the dollar spot at Target.
There are extra cards for you to add additional cards. We added some so that both boys can play together. The cars Honey has provided in her freebie print out of the game go over the letter sounds and some rhyming word activities as well.
With the blank cards, I added in some activity cards for Big Bro:
Alphabetical order, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms, and analogies.
Adding in these extra cards works for our family as then, both boys can play and have fun together while practicing some skills.
Little Bro seems to need a little extra time working on sounds.
He is progressing in his reading, but he struggles with "hearing the sounds" so this game is great in that it has him practice without it feeling like he is practicing.

The second game that I downloaded was for Brick Building Activities.
These are idea cards that can be used with any sort of brick type toy, in our home, that means Lego!
The boys love to build Lego structures!
For this, I added some additional cards to go with particular Lego themes that we have been doing here in our home: Pirates, City, Hero, Kingdom, and Star Wars.
Added in some challenging cards that went with these themes.
Then had Dear Hubby create a little Lego box with a hinged lid to store the cards.
If you want to make a similar box, you can usually find and then order the hinges from Brick Link.
They make it easy to build a structure with a hinged lid or door.

Had Dear Hubby glue the pieces together so that the box will stay in tact.
He used Krazy Glue and it worked very well...
The idea is that the cards can then stay in the box on the table and the boys can open the box and choose a card for themselves when they finish their school work or else just for fun when they feel like building something.

It is so nice that there are so many wonderful mommy bloggers who share their wonderful handmade homeschooling materials with fellow mommies.

Thanks so much to Honey Brown!

Please be sure to check out her Sunflower Schoolhouse blog and see the neat things she creates.
She also sells on Etsy  as well as Pinterest and Twitter.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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