Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello and Hope to Back Up & Running Again Soon!

Hello Readers!

If you follow my blog pretty regularly, you will know that for me, life sometimes gets in the way of blogging...

Well, lately, that has been the case...

First, I traveled way up North to help co-host a lovely bridal shower for my soon-to-be-sis-in-law.

Fun with the Family! Yay!!!

Did not take my laptop with me and instead, just focused on the time spent with my family.

It was the first time I have been away from Dear Hubby and the boys EVER for something fun!
The only time I have been away from Dear Hubby or the boys for any length of time prior was while I was in the hospital having surgery and then, when I went out of town to go to a relative's funeral.
It also was the longest time I have ever been away by myself since being married so we are talking nearly a decade!!! 

Must say that I am glad that I did not bring my laptop with me.

Well, got back into town and was actually excited about doing some posts, as it almost feels odd to go that long without doing anything on my blog, Twitter, or even Facebook.

But then, Dear Hubby broke the news to laptop was broken and despite all of his efforts, he was unsure as to the origin of its demise!

OH No!

Dear Hubby kindly took my laptop in to be checked out by Best Buy, as that is where we purchased it to begin with, and they said that they would look at it and give us the details as to the problem and what could be done to remedy it...

Well, they are fixing it alright, but they had to send it to Kentucky for some reason to get the job done!

So, from Florida to Kentucky, my laptop is now having its own adventure without me!!!


Luckily, all of my files for homeschooling and all of my Montessori inspired materials had been saved to DVD-rs a while back when within a few weeks, two friends had their laptops crash...
But having to go without some of the things that I had worked on that had not been saved to permanent locations such as the DVD-r has been a bit of a challenge.

I do many external product reviews both on my blog as well as internal reviews, educational consulting, and writing for companies so to have the most recent stuff M.I.A. for a while has been a bit of a challenge, as I had to go in and re-create some of what I had done before my trip North...

Note(s) to Self:
Always, always, always store to permanent file folders when doing a project.
Always, always, always make a back up on a CD or DVD-r of all of your projects in progress...

So, for the time being, I am using our old computer that is slower, lacks some of the software bells and whistles of my beloved laptop, but is better than being without any sort of computer at all.

Am still working diligently to get my review stuff all back in order so for the time being, until my laptop makes its way back to the Sunshine State, I most likely won't be doing too many posts...or even Tweets or FB posts, etc.

Will also be a bit behind from reading all of the wonderful blogs I enjoy reading daily or every other hope that you will understand that comments from me on your blogs, Twitter, FB, etc. will be few and far between until my laptop is returned and I can go about my day-to-day like I did prior to the laptop letdown!

It has been nearly a week since Best Buy dropped the "gotta ship it off to KY to be repaired"  bomb on me, so hopefully, if their estimation is correct, it will be either another couple weeks and then, hopefully, I will hear "Ding Dong" at the door and will be signing for my dear restored pal to finally be back home.

Hope that all of you are doing well and are enjoying your time having fun with your family and friends, as many of my blog readers are enjoying summer time!

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, hope that you are enjoying your winter!

Hope to be reconnecting via my blog and yours, as well as the rest of social media, soon!


Honey said...

Yeah! We've missed you!!! :)


Leptir (Nataša) said...

Hi! One Lovely Blog Award is waiting for you - here:

I hope everything will be ok with your computer :-)


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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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