Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Snowman Fun in Sunny Florida (Kinda Crazy, We Know!!!)

Last night, we went to a tree lighting and musical ensemble at our local outdoor shopping area.
The boys were super excited, as they had installed something new this year: two fake snow machines!
Little Bro does not remember snow at all...he was a baby the last time he saw snow.
Big Bro vaguely remembers it...he was a tiny tot when he last saw real white fluffy stuff on the ground.They ran around trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues, as they that is what you always see children in Christmas themed movies doing.
The only thing...the fake snow was a mixture of soap flakes and foam, so not exactly tasty!
Well, it got the boys thinking about snow and so for today, the boys made some snow themed projects.
Here are some photos of our "Snow Day Fun":

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...Here are the boys at the tree lighting and musical program.

Little Bro is decorating his snowman creation here....

Little Bro and his marshmallow snowman treat!

Little Bro is adding a piece of Dove Chocolate for the hat. He used M & M's for the eyes and buttons and a Jelly Belly for the nose. He completed his snowman's look with pretzels for arms.

Big Bro is creating his foam snowman here.

Big Bro was very happy with how his snowman turned out!

Here, Big Bro is using bubble wrap and paint to make it look "snowy"...

Such a fun Snow Day!!! Here are the boys by our tree with their snowman creations. They used bubble wrap and white paint for the snow, foam covered with white paint for the snowmen, buttons, wiggly eyes, and felt pieces for the decorations on the snowmen, cotton batting and glue for the fluffy snow, and  Q-Tips for the snowmen arms.

Do you live someplace with or without snow?
What sorts of snow themed projects have you done?
In case you want more snowman themed ideas, here is a link to my Pinterest board, Snowman Fun
Here are some neat books and toys that would work well with a snowman theme:

We really should have made snow cones today, as it was in the high 70s here.

If you live someplace where it does not snow, how long has it been since you have seen real snow?
It has been over five years for us...last time we saw some serious snow was while visiting for the holidays in Pennsylvania five years ago!

Well, wherever you are, enjoy your day & your weather, too!

1 comment:

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Those snowmen scenes turned out FANTASTIC! I love the bubble wrap as snow. You stopped by my blog last month and I wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment. (I am obviously behind, haha) I am following you now and can't wait to go check out your Pinterest boards. :)

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