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Splat the Cat! Fun for Little Ones

Recently, we purchased a super fun art activity pack called Art & Literature by Deep Space Sparkle's Patty Palmer.
In this pdf packet, there are some amazing art lessons that tie in with some amazing kids' books.

In an attempt to get things organized for our art lesson that tie in with this unit, we went in search of all of the books* in this unit.
*Will discuss the other excellent books in this pdf when we get to them...

One of the books is Splat, the Cat by Rob Scotton.

When we got to the bookstore, Little Bro was very taken by all of the Splat the Cat books, so we ended up buying several and boy, are we glad that we did!

Not only does Little Bro love them, Big Bro enjoys reading them to Little Bro.
The illustrations are darling, the stories are great, full of humor and good fun!
Everything about Splat the Cat really appeals to a child.
Since it is nearing Christmas, we started with Merry Christmas, Splat.

For today's project, Big Bro read Merry Christmas, Splat to Little Bro.
What a great book for the holidays!
So funny!
Splat certainly tries like crazy to be a helper in hopes of garnering enough helpful deeds to put him onto Santa's Nice List.
Since Splat tries hard to be helpful in an attempt to win Santa over in the book, we discussed the concept of being helpful.
Little Bro did a letter for Splat about what he does around our home to be helpful.

Next, he designed a present for Splat and then, he wrote about what he thought was in the package...
Little Bro had a blast drawing and coloring Splat, making Splat's present, and then, writing about what Splat got as his present.

Seeing how much fun Little Bro was having with his work, Big Bro decided to wrap up his work and then, he also made Splat with his present.
What a fun time!

If you wish to do the How I am Helpful Letter to Splat, you will need the following:
Computer paper
Computer access with Microsoft Word or something similar
A pen or pencil

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, and Splat stickers
(Splat stickers come in the Splat the Cat Treasure Box)

Read story aloud.
Discuss how Splat tries to be helpful.

Here are some discussion points for older or gifted child:
Discuss the concept of altruism.
Then, have the child decide if Splat's actions were altruistic or self serving.

Discuss the concept of good intentions.
Debate if Splat's helpfulness was well-intentioned or ill-intentioned.

Discuss anthropomorphism. What human qualities are exhibited in this picture book?
Encourage your child to create their own anthropomorphic character.

After discussing, have your child or children either write what they do to be helpful around their home.
Create a letter based on this shared idea of helping around the home.
Older children can write out their entire letter on their own and then, they can decorate.
Another writing option for an older or gifted child is to suggest that perhaps they may wish to write an original story or poem about altruism or intentions.
For a younger child, you can have them dictate what they do to be helpful. Then, their dictation can be turned into a checklist for you to read together and for the child to check off as part of the letter.
Then, have them sign and decorate the letter.

 For the What Did Splat Get as His Present? project, you will need the following:
Merry Christmas, Splat by Rob Scotton
White paper
Green construction paper
Blue construction paper
Red construction paper
Glue stick
Green crayon or colored pencil
Pink crayon or colored pencil
Black crayon or colored pencil
Black marker

Have child cover a piece of white computer paper with "wrapping paper", construction paper in red, green, and blue.**
**We added blue for contrast but if you are in the classroom and happen to have students who will be celebrating Hanukkah, you will want to add blue. If you would happen to have a student who celebrates Kwanzaa, you could use black, red, and green for the colors of Kwanzaa.

The child should then take two pieces of computer paper and glue them together to form a larger space to work on for their project.
Then, the child should glue their present onto the bottom portion of their paper so that it is like a "lift the flap" page.
Then, child should create a their own Splat the Cat on a separate sheet of paper.
Generally, it is nice to have a child work from their imaginations to create their art, but since they will want their cat to resemble the storybook character, you can have the child put a picture of Splat on a light table to trace around the shape of Splat or else, they may choose to draw it free hand, but should have access to the book to draw Splat.
Since we purchased the Splat the Cat Treasure Box, the boys took the black and white poster from the kit and a piece of computer paper and taped both to our sliding glass door so that the sun could shine through the paper. They both traced around the general shape of Splat.
The Poster's illustration of Splat is the perfect size for this project.

After drawing the outline of Splat, the child should color Splat with as much detail from looking at the artwork in the book.
Some details to suggest are the green pupils, the little scraggly hairs that stick up on his fur, and the pink insides of his ears.
You may also want to discuss what type of expression Splat would have had on his face when he actually saw his present.
Splat then needs to be cut out and glued onto the top of the present so that he looks as if he is holding the present.
Next, your child should share what Splat got as his present.
Each child should come up with his or her own ideas.
For this step, Little Bro used crayon and drew his idea.
Big Bro created a construction paper collage for his work.
Then, both wrote their ideas as to what Splat got for a gift.

It is so refreshing to find a book that works on different levels, as it truly is a gem of a book!

We just love Splat!

We are also so excited to continue to do fun Splat projects over the course of the next few days.  
Splat the Cat author and illustrator, Rob Scotton,  has a great website.
There is a nice biography about Rob, some information about his various books and characters from his books, and what inspired him for his stories.
Since Rob did a book tour of the USA a few years ago, you can encourage a child to map out the tour route. You might want to encourage your child to consider creating a brochure about your city and you could invite Rob Scotton to come visit you in your hometown.
Big Bro is going to do this as his work tomorrow.

If you homeschool or if you teach in a multi-age environment, you can have the older children read the various Splat books to your younger ones.
We also cannot wait to do the awesome art lesson that Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle has in the Art & Literature pdf we purchased!

We would have done the Splat art lesson today, but we realized that we are out of both black tempera and black chalk pastels! So we will pick both of these art supplies up soon, hopefully tomorrow.
When we do the art lesson from Deep Space Sparkle, I will add it to the Splat the Cat Pinterest Board that I am in the process of creating.
Would love it if you would check out this board I have created, as well as my other Pinterest boards

A huge thanks to Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle for creating this great pdf full of awesome art activities, as well as for exposing us to some new picture books that we have now purchased for our homeschool library!

Thanks to Rob Scotton for creating such a fun cat like Splat!
We look forward to reading more of your Splat books, as well as your other picture books.

And in case you (Mr. Rob Scotton) ever wanna come for a book tour to our local Barnes & Noble,
Big Bro will be mailing you a letter telling you all about our hometown in the Sunshine State.

Here are some great links if you wish to do more Splat the Cat activities with your children:

Don't you just love Splat? We do!!!

Please share about your favorite Splat book, as well as any & all Splat projects you have created.

If you share a link to your blog post, I will visit and will add a link to this post about your project. Will also add a pin to your blog post on my Splat the Cat board I am making on Pinterest.

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Also, in the side bar, am adding a Splat the Cat Amazon Widget, in case any of you want to get some neat Splat books for the holidays. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Target carry Rob Scotton's Splat the Cat books.


Patty Palmer said...

Wow! What a great post. You are seriously organized! Can't wait to see your children's "Splat" artwork!
Thanks for the links.

MaryAnne said...

I love his drawing of Splat the cat!

Anonymous said...

So cool! I love your blog and you have some very cute boys! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sleepyhead Designs Studio said...

Wow-what a great and detailed post. Makes me want to homeschool again! Thanks so much for the mention too! I'm now following you on Pinterest :)

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