Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sharks are Sharp!

Since Little Bro has been working on speech and articulation sounds, including digraphs TH and SH, and since Big Bro has been asking about sharks since visiting the Atlantic Ocean last week, we did a few activities this week on sharks.

Little Bro's sound work included distinguishing and pronouncing SH and TH words.
He worked on identifying and pronouncing words with the digraphs at the beginning of the words  (shark, sharp, ship, shoe, shirt, shell, shop, thorn, think, thumb, thimble, thermometer, thirteen, thin, thunder, and thick) as well as at the end of the words (dish, wash, wish, fish, mash, hush, with, teeth, depth, and bath).
For this speech and articulation work, we looked for words in stories and poems that we have read.
Then, he also used SH and TH digraph tubs from Lakeshore Learning to practice and distinguish these sounds. He enjoys spelling using the movable alphabet so he spelled out the words after sorting and practicing his articulation of the words.
When he completed this work, Little Bro did a scavenger hunt where he had to find household objects with either SH or TH in the name of the object. He loved this activity!
Little Bro did a memory game featuring sharks, he made a shark mini lapbook, and then, he and Big Bro played a shark board game together. 

Big Bro has been working on researching sharks.
He had a great time learning all about sharks!
We worked a bit together on how to cite sources and how to do fact checking.
We also looked at how the age of a resource can impact the accuracy of the information that it contains. For example, we had a very old book about sharks that said there are nearly 350 different types of sharks...well, that number has gone up substantially since this old book was written, as now, there are supposedly closer to 440. 
Big Bro read books, created a board game and lapbook, did nomenclature cards for both the internal and external parts of sharks, plus then he researched and graphed the lengths of various sharks.
He is going to complete a felt shark project hopefully tomorrow. Just have to get out the embroidery thread and felt for him before he can complete this work...and that probably sounds like an easy task to find two craft items, but they are elusive at the moment...think maybe some little leprechauns may have hidden them, as we could not find them today!!!

Here are some photos from their shark work this past week! Fun times!

A huge thanks to Homeschool Share for the great shark lapbook components. Thanks Ami and Lyn!
We all learned so much about sharks. 
Here, Big Bro's creating nomenclature cards for the external body parts of a shark. He used metallic marker and paint on the cards.

These language objects are from a kit from Lakeshore Learning.

Little Bro spelled the words using his movable alphabet in addition to sorting and articulating the words.

No idea as to why this photo of Little Bro is upside down...sometimes, my iPhone camera seems to have a mind of its own!

Little Bro's shark work

Little Bro's shark mini lapbook...

Big Bro is reading up and trying to decide which shark facts he would like to include in his work...
This is the back of Big Bro's shark book. It is not yet completed...

This is the interior of Big Bro's shark lap book. He still has a few more things to add to this lapbook.

Big Bro enjoyed creating this shark sizes bar graph!

This is the shark game created by Big Bro.

This is the chart that Big Bro is using as his Control of Error for his felt shark project.

What are you learning about in your school or homeschool?
Have you done any hand on projects lately?
What are your favorite resources for speech and articulation?
How about lapbooks?

Please feel free to share and then, I will check out your links and will pin them to either my Speech & Language board or my Lapbook / Notebook / Mini Project board on Pinterest.


Lesley @ early play said...

Well I have just learnt a lot about sharks and other stuff from reading this post - 440 sharks amazing! We did frogs in the past and the children really loved it as we had tadpoles. Got some resources here:
I find most kids are fascinated by the natural world, don't you?

The Sunshine Crew said...

Lesley, Thanks for popping by my blog! I have stopped by yours and have left some comments on several of your posts.
:) Colleen

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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