Sunday, March 11, 2012

Strawberry Yumminess!

This week, while they ran more tests on me at Mayo, Dear Hubby's parents, affectionately and collectively known as The Grands by Big Bro and Little Bro, came to Jacksonville to help out with the boys.
On one of the days, they took the boys for a day trip to historic St. Augustine.
For those of you who might not know this, St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in the USA.
Grandmom had researched neat things to do with the boys and one of them was to go pick strawberries in St. Augustine!
The boys had a great time with Grandmom and Grandad.
Grandad paired up with Little Bro and Grandmom paired up with Big Bro.
Little Bro took home the honors of picking the biggest strawberry and Big Bro subsequently took home the honors of picking the tiniest strawberry. Everyone had a fun time picking the berries!
Well, we then drove to my parents' place, as it is on the way home from Mayo back to our home.
We decided that it would be fun to stop and make some some strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake.
Found a super easy recipe for Strawberry Jam from that did not require pectin, which was key, as we did not have any pectin. The recipe turned out great! For those of you into Montessori, picking strawberries and making homemade jam and shortcake is a great practical life activity for elementary aged children.

We made some as a surprise for my parents as well as some of their neighbors.
My folks were out of town so when they got home today, they would have found the homemade strawberry jam awaiting them in the fridge.
Hopefully, they will enjoy eating it as much as we enjoyed making it for them!
Papa's birthday is on March 14th, so hopefully, he will enjoy this sweet treat from his grandsons!

Here are some photos from our fun strawberry day! ***
(***Sorry, no photos from St. Augustine with The Grands, as I was not along with my camera...while they were picking strawberries, I was getting my tests done.) 

Was very special that The Grands came down to help with the boys! 
Dear Hubby and I really appreciated all of their their help, plus some wonderful memories were made! 

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Mommy Moment said...

Those strawberries look delicious, I will have to try making some of that jam with my girls once we get some ripe berries here!
Sounds like the boys had a great time with the Grands!

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