Thursday, July 26, 2012

Junk Robots = Fun Times!

Do your children like junk robots?
Do your children enjoy making things out of odds and ends?
Well, if they do, then they will enjoy what we have been doing here at Sunrise Learning Lab!

Last week, Big Bro and Little Bro went to an art camp. The theme of the camp was Robot Art.
They had a great time working on their artistic creations while at camp. Miss Laurie & her assistant, Abby, made it super fun for all of the little boys at camp, so a huge THANKS to Miss Laurie & Abby!

In fact, they liked it so much that much of this week has been spent making more robot-themed art out of random junk here in our home.

The theme of robots has been one that we revisit from time to time here. Sometimes,  we revisit the theme and actually make moving " robots"; other times, they just make something that looks like a robot from the box of recyclables and random loose parts that we have stored in an art bin.

Either way, it makes for loads of fun for days at a time when we get into designing and building junk robots here!

Here are some photos of the boys and their works of art:

 Have made up a Robot Camp! Pinterest board, in case you are looking for some ideas.
Please be sure to check out this board if you plan to do robot camp, a robot play date, or a robot themed birthday party! Have pinned some really neat cakes, cupcakes, and bento meal ideas in addition to junk robot-themed arts and crafts.  There are also some pins for learning games, such as making robot math mats, where a child can count / add / subtract / multiply  / create a fraction based upon the domino placed on the math mat. We made these mats a while ago and they are super fun and can be differentiated for all levels of learning.

If you have made junk robot art or have had robot-themed play dates, would love it if you would link up and share your ideas here too. Would love to be able to add your neat ideas to my Robots Pinterest board.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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More Gifted Program Details!
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