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Systematic Sequential Summer Spelling for Asynchronous Sibs!

Do you have children who are becoming stellar readers but they still struggle with spelling?
Do you have children who can:
  • read well above grade level
  • sound out words
  • use invented spelling
  •  identify the phonograms and know the rules for spelling...
But, somehow, putting it all into practice consistently seems to be a bit of a struggle?

Perhaps your children love to:
  • express themselves verbally
  • create stories aloud and such...
But yet, their ideas come so fast that their writing does not quite keep up with their fast thinking?

Do you have children who:
Can get so frustrated at times with their spelling or handwriting that it makes it seem as if they are much younger than their reading level, or even their chronological age?

Well, if you do, then your children are very much like my sons!

Big Bro and Little Bro constantly come up with stories, plays, puppet show scripts, inventions, etc. but their thinking is faster than their writing so sometimes, things get lost in translation...from their brains to pen and paper.

Well, enter Systematic Sequential Phonics & Spelling...

Just love using this with my sons!!! The beauty of it is that they also seem to love it!
these books would work well with a variety of learners, but if your children happen to be gifted and yet, have some asynchronous development issues like mine do, you will LOVE Systematic Sequential Spelling! 

Super Simple, straightforward, easy to set up and do daily, and very little additional materials are needed, except for some letter tiles that you can either make or purchase.
Perfect for review and daily practice for summer or anytime that the need arises.

For this summer, we are focusing on spelling and phonics using this program.
The yellow book for beginners is meant for grades K-3. It contains a total of 140 daily lessons.
Little Bro is using the yellow book called Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use. 

The green book is meant for grades 3-5+. It contains 120 lessons plus gives ideas for word practice using prefixes, suffixes, and words that are used but confused, as well as homonyms and homophones. Big Bro is using this book. The actual book title is Prefixes and Suffixes: Systematic Sequential Phonics and Spelling. Both of the books are by author and educator, Patricia Cunningham.
For the letter tiles, we already had these for other Montessori inspired works, but you can pick up a set or make a set for your children.

Each day, the boys complete at least one lesson. They each have a small, plastic dessert plate with a tiny, non-slip mat on the plate. They get out their tiles and place them on the mat and then, spell them on the plate for the daily lesson.
Dear Hubby or I direct them through the lessons. It is quick and fun for both the boys and for us, as we are seeing growth in their spelling and they are feeling more confident with their spelling and phonics.

The boys have to spell the day's words with the tiles, then, spell them aloud at the end of the spelling with tiles portion of the lesson and then, they either make little review books.
If you add the step of making the little books, you will need some paper and markers or colored pencils, but that is up to you.
Big Bro and Little Bro also add their daily words to their individual word walls.
As an added step, any word that they are curious about for that day is also added to their review  books. 

Such an easy way to review and build confidence with spelling and phonics!

Do you use a spelling program during the summer?
What programs do you use and love?
Do you keep the same program during the school year and the summer or do you do something a little different in the summer? 
Do you have gifted children who have some asynchronous development issues?
How do you address or accommodate them with their learning in your home or classroom? 

Would love to hear from my readers on these questions!
If you have written any blog posts on these topics, or if you would like to share in the comments section, please do!

Hope that you are all having a happy weekend!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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