Wednesday, July 18, 2012

World Animals & The Summer Olympics

Since we are getting geared for the Summer Olympics and since both boys love art and geography, Big Bro started working on a fun chart that will be used later this summer for when we do a Race & Place the World Animals Team Relay during an upcoming Summer Olympics play date we are planning! 
Big Bro cut out two sheets of the animals from the lesson Animals of the World  - Geography, Art, and Science, and then matched the animals to the appropriate countries and  / or continents.
He attached the various animals using small tape balls onto a great Countries of the World mat that we have.
Big Bro had a blast working on this chart!
He and Little Bro can't wait to have friends over for a Summer Olympics play date to do the Race & Place the World Animals Relay, along with other fun Summer Olympics themed activities!
This learning mat, with the attached animals on it, will serve as the control of error for when we do a Race & Place the World Animals Team Relay during our Summer Olympics play date.
Every child who participates will get to work as a team to make their own animals and then, they will race and place their team's animals onto a larger painted world map mural. 
Each child will get to run, skip, hop, and jump back and forth as they attach their team's animals.
So it should be very fun! 

Are any of my blog readers planning to do a Summer Olympics play date with friends or family? If you are, hope that you will please share what you plan to do! As we complete more activities, I will add them to my Summer Olympics Pinterest Board.
So that you will know, in case you want to get one for your family, our Countries of the World learning mat is by The Straight Edge Write-a-Mat by Melissa & Doug, one of our favorite companies here at Sunrise Learning Lab. This learning mat is awesome! It is a perfect mat for this activity, as well as for other world geography activities. In addition to being versatile by being able to write with either wipe-off type crayons and pencils, this mat also has a nice surface so it is easy to temporarily adhere things to the mat, rest assured that they will easily come off the mat for the next geography project. it comes as part of a great set called the Advanced Subjects Skills Learning Mat Set. If you homeschool, highly recommend that you get this set for your family!
Just a great set! Comes with a set of Learning Mat Crayons. These crayons are meant to be used with these learning mats. They really wipe off nicely when you use them on these mats! 

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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