Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Exciting News!

Have been working at creating some You Tube Clips perfect for homeschool families, as well as for classroom teachers.
Wanted to give you a little overview of what the clips will feature, so here's the scoop:
This year, am presenting several parent workshops for our homeschool co-op.
Proposed a monthly schedule back in late August and now, am in full swing with preparing and presenting workshops.
So busy, busy, busy here!!!
If you are a homeschool parent or a classroom teacher, hopefully these clips be a huge help to you, to save you time by giving you a framework to use as well as some helpful suggestions.
Fall Workshops:
Workshop #1:
Creating Binder Style Portfolios & Utilizing Pinterest to Organize Your (Home)Schooling
Originally, thought that we'd get right to it with respect to organizing the actual binder portfolio pages. However, found that many people had questions related to portfolio assessment and essential questions, so rather than just jump into creating the binders, we first took some time to discuss these topics.
Participants felt very comfortable and gave their questions and ideas as well.
It ended up being a wonderful idea exchange!
Following this workshop, found out that there were some people who had missed the workshop, as well as those who wanted me to do a Part 2 of this workshop.
Took a poll and many responded that they would be very interested if I would be able to offer this workshop on You Tube as well as a make-up workshop. So, after giving it some thought, am offering BOTH options...
Have been working diligently at taking my handouts from this workshop and making them into You Tube clips. Had originally hoped to be wrapped up with the You Tube clips by now, but it has taken a little extra time to be able to break down nearly three hours into a few minutes.
Getting them together and will update in a post when they are up and running.

Next week is Workshop #2:
Native American & Indigenous Peoples Studies
Again, this workshop was created for homeschool parents, but if you are a classroom teacher, hopefully, you will find this to be very worthwhile for your classroom.
This workshop will share Native American storytelling, arts & crafts, recipes, daily life, and much more. Can't wait to do this workshop for my co-op! Am also going to share how to organize the materials into a flexible schedule and will suggest some hands-on field trips, as well as online activities that correlate with this theme. 

Since there was demand to have the first workshop made into You Tube clips, have decided to also offer some Native American and Indigenous Peoples clips as a follow up.
Again, might be a little tricky to condense three hours into less than ten minutes, but at least the clips will touch upon some of the key points from the workshop.

Then, in early November, our co-op is having our Fall Enrichment DayGet Your Game On! 
Am creating You Tube Clips on how to make educational games, as well as how to organize such a day for your homeschool co-op or school.   Big Bro & Little Bro LOVE to create educational games! Here are some of the ones that they have created:

This makes for a very busy November, as originally, this event was slated for October. However, we had to reschedule to early November.
This educational games event should be a blast for the entire family!
Children are to come to the event with their homemade educational games for an afternoon of fun.
What is going to be nice is that kids are going to be divided into groups so that everyone has a chance to share their homemade games. They will also have time to try their hand at making something at the event itself, by recycling and re-purposing a variety of materials.
Instead of awarding prizes just for the top ranked games, every child who participates will get a certificate of participation. All families who participate in the day will get a chance to win some awesome door prizes! Should really be an enjoyable day for everyone.
In addition to bringing their homemade creations, families have also been encouraged to come with one store-bought educational game to share. It will be a great way for families to get an idea of what is commercially available just before the holidays.
Prior to this workshop, will post some You Tube clips showing parents as well as classroom teachers how to make educational games for their children.
If you are a homeschool parent or a classroom teacher and would like to set up your own version of Get Your Game On! for your students, will be sharing some helpful hints to help you organize your day, as well as some suggestions for getting funding or sponsors for your special day.
Final Fall Workshop:
Creating & Organizing Continents Boxes

Since this workshop is in November, will cover how to go about using & organizing Continents Boxes for a multicultural unit:  Around the World in December
By presenting the workshop in November, those who attend the workshop or who watch the video clips should have ample time to work on making their own continents boxes and preparing their own Around the World in December units for their children.
If you are interested, plan to have the You Tube clips in mid to late November.
Well, hope that you will pop back over the course of the next few weeks, as I plan to start posting the You Tube Clips very soon! 

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Honey said...

I LOVE this! It's SOOOO appealing to my Roy G. Biv organizing. :) You've certainly ROCKED this!

I'll be blog lifting this! ;)


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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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