Friday, December 14, 2012

Heartfelt Prayers & Condolences to Newtown CT

Today's tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has left nearly everyone feeling so sad, pretty sick to their stomachs, and just heart broken.
To think that a young man could take the life of so many innocent children and adults.
To think that he could kill his own mother and himself.
Just a very sad situation.

Obviously, the shooter had some mental health issues, as one does not do such a thing in their right mind.
No one will really know what went through his head or why he chose to do such a thing, but obviously, he had some unresolved issues that very unfortunately resulted in the loss of so many lives.

I also feel for his brother, who was wrongly accused and identified as the shooter and then, mislabeled as "taken into custody." The horror of losing your mother and brother and then, being wrongly accused and somehow linked must just be so devastating to him and to any other relatives.
Some were quick to identify the fact that his parents were divorced and to label the shooter's mother as rigid and then, there were different conditions from O.C.D. to Asperger's thrown out about the shooter.
While his various purported conditions and life circumstances may have played a part in why things transpired as they did, it does not seem to really do any good at this point to try to point fingers.
There are many other people who have grown up with rigid parents or divorced parents who don't become mass murderers.
There are fully functioning individuals with O.C.D. and  / or Asperger's who are loving, giving, kind people who actively contribute to society.

The only thing that might help to begin the process of healing is for the community of Newtown to pull together and to try to figure out what can be done to make their community, especially the children, again feel safe and loved and for the community to come to terms with whether there needs to be more mental health care programs as well as tighter gun control laws.
The assessment of gun control laws and mental health programs does not need to be done in a hostile way, but this is a wake up call that maybe our society should heed and should try to reflect upon on some level...
Maybe excellent mental health programs were available to him, but he chose to not participate.
There are gun control laws in place regarding safe zones and schools, but obviously, these laws did not keep a cadre of semi-automatic weapons out of this man's hands.
Am in favor of restricting the use of ANY sort of semi-automatic weapons, as while our country gives us the right to bear arms, we do not need to bear arms that can only lead to mass death and destruction.

Just hope and pray that there can be some sense of peace and love that can help to heal this heart-broken town as well as anyone who has connections but lives away from Newtown.
We all ache for the loss of your children as well as the loss of the adults, adults who lost their lives while in the course of trying to protect children.

Well, may God be with each and every person impacted by this tragedy and may you somehow be filled with light and hope and know that there is still much good in the world, despite the tragic events that unfolded today.

May all who lost a loved one today work through the grieving process by focusing on the precious memories of the ones who have departed had brought to your soul. Hope that anyone who is grieving will remember the joy and the hope that their dearly departed ones gave them, even if for just a very brief time here on Earth.


Mommy Moment said...

I can not even begin to imagine - this tragedy has shaken, the town, the state, the Country, and the world. We have been praying for the families from here in Canada. Such a hard topic to talk about.

Honey said...

What a lovely post Colleen. We've been working on the #27Acts. ~Honey

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