Sunday, September 13, 2009

Squibby, Carson, Unsa, and Tunsa

Well, a new friend has joined the crew.

His name is Squibby!

He arrived last night and probably will be staying with us for a while. I would guess maybe at least a year or so...but not to worry, Squibby won't take up much space.

According to Little Bro, Squibby is shy, lives in a tree, and has red skin. Squibby and his family used to live near a volcano, but it was not spraying lava at the time!

He does need to eat sometimes..."he likes to eat grapes, apples and carrots and carrots and apples and trick or treats". He only will drink milk or orange juice. Little Bro said that we need to be sure to always have plenty of the foods that Squibby likes to eat so that if Squibby gets hungry, he can just go get a little something. Squibby likes his grapes, apples, and carrots to be cut up. Even though Squibby has learned to chop, he would rather not make noise and would like it to be done for him and waiting in the fridge where he can reach it.

Squibby's hair is red, brown, blue, and green and he has green eyes.

Squibby has a Mommy, a Daddy, a Big Brother and there is a baby too that does not live with them.

Squibby is a very nice animal friend.

Squibby does mostly good things but, according to Little Bro, he keeps taking his blue blankie and pillow at night.

That is why Little Bro just had to come into our bed last night. He could not get to sleep without his pillow and blankie and Squibby needed it, so what was he to do but to share with his friend?

Squibby is Little Bro's first "shy little friend".

Big Bro had three...Carson, Unsa and Tunsa.

Carson was naughty. He always did things that Big Bro would NEVER do.
Big Bro had to always remind Carson to share.
Carson looked just like Big Bro, so sometimes, that was a problem, as people could have confused them and Big Bro did NOT want to be confused with naughty Carson.
Unsa and Tunsa were brothers but they always included their best friend, Big Bro, in all of their fun. Big Bro loved them because they were also very curious.
Unsa and Tunsa were nice boys like Big Bro.
Big Bro thought that they were special because they were twins!

We had to explain that now, it is Little Bro's turn to have a friend stay with us and Big Bro didn't seem to mind. Big Bro was just happy to hear that Little Bro's friend likes to sleep in a tree and would not be crowding into his bed.

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Sandra said...

I just found this post and I just love it!
Their friends are such a great little persons! Love them all :)

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