Sunday, March 28, 2010

Continents Swap - Fabrics and More! Our Cool Package from the Czech Republic!

We received yet another cool package from the Continents Swap  - Fabrics and More! Swap.
This package came to us from Lenka, a new friend from the Czech Republic.
A big thanks to Lenka for sending us this neat package. Oh, how we love to do continents swaps.
So fun and so educational.

Am thinking that we will have to set another one up soon...anyone interested? If you want to do one, what would you want to swap?

I was thinking maybe a picture bookswap, from the country of origin?

Or a recipe swap, for snacks that children could make for themselves either in the classroom or the home?

 Or, we could do something for Spring?

Well, hope to hear from you!


Mommy Moment said...

Can we be included?
Plase? I know we are from the same continent, but we are in a different country.
Let me know!

Talk to you later :)


The Sunshine Crew said...

Yes, of course you can!
We would love to have you do a swap with us and any others who sign up.
For example, if we were to do a picture book swap, you would then send a picture book from Canada to the swap mates. It could either be from a Canadian author about any topic for children, or a kids' book about Canada, etc.
You could choose a book in French or in English....

I would send one from an American author and / or about a particular place in the USA, maybe a book about Florida for example...

If we were to do the recipe swap, you would send a recipe either that a child could make for a snack or else something that could be enjoyed by your family...s for instance, the recipe of the waffles with the vanilla sauce that you have told me about...then, you would take photos of your family making it and enjoying it, so that the photos and the recipe could be added to our continents boxes...
these are just two examples...
it will depend on how many want to do this and whether people have a preference for the type of swap. If you have a preference, please let me know...maybe you could spread the word on your blog or at the French School?
Well, talk to you soon, my friend:)

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