Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parks & Puzzles: An Overview, A Review & A Lil Somethin' Extra for Tomorrow's Giveaway #9 !

Today turned out to be an interesting day, totally not what we had thought we would be doing with our day, but it was a fun one, to be certain. Well, since Big Bro was sans his glasses for all of today, we did several read-alouds, some auditory games, and then, loads of time playing outside...we even made our way to two different parks today...and each boy went through about three outfits, as it was cooler and foggy in the morning, but then, warmed up as we were playing at the park...but then, the boys were all dirty and sweaty from playing loads of laundry from one day, but all well worth it...

Then, after we had been home for a bit, when I had gone out to get something from the van, we discovered a huge box waiting for us at our front door...and it came to us from Melissa & Doug

We opened it up and let me tell you, Big Bro and Little Bro were so psyched to see the package.
First, they had a ball popping the bubble wrap, as the package was so well protected.
Then, as they were playing with the bubble wrap, I read two notes from Melissa & Doug. One was nicely typed on cute stationary and was kind of a standard thanks for your comment letter...but a very sincere letter, to be certain. Then, attached was a personal little note from one of the wonderful people at Melissa & Doug. thought that it was a very nice touch to get a personal note back from them.
Well, after I was smiling from reading the nice notes, and the boys were smiling from having a ball hopping up and down on the bubble wrap, we all  happily opened the items inside the box...some wonderful fun!
We were so happy to get this package from Melissa & Doug.
Over the years, we have purchased and have used many Melissa & Doug products, including the following ones:
Various Wooden Puzzles (Hands, Pets, Zoo, Farm, Numbers) and Wire Racks
Farm Animals (Such a cute fuzzy set in a wooden barn shaped box, but I could not find the link on their current website...awesome item though)
Wooden Stringing Vehicle Beads in a Box (could not find a link to this on their current website...but again, a cool product)

A few weeks ago, I had contacted Melissa & Doug's Customer Service Department with a suggestion.
Then, had the pleasure of getting to speak with a couple different folks at Melissa & Doug. They seemed so happy to hear from me and really appreciated my feedback. As a thank you for my suggestions, they sent me the awesome puzzles package we received in the mail today...
Our family loves all of the other Melissa & Doug toys we have, both the ones we have purchased as well as the ones Melissa & Doug sent to us today.

The package they sent to us included the following puzzles:

Well, we were thrilled to have received such a nice package!

The pirate puzzles are interesting to the boys, as they both enjoy playing with various pirate themed toys.

Big Bro worked on the Pirate's Bounty Floor Puzzle, which is a very nice, thick, sturdy cardboard puzzle. For this puzzle, a child can use the puzzle box as the control of error as they are trying to put the puzzle pieces together. This puzzle proved to be both challenging and fun for Big Bro, probably a little extra challenging, as he put the puzzle together without wearing glasses (as his are broken at the moment). 
Little Bro sat on his seat and worked on the Pirate Adventure Jigsaw Puzzle. This puzzle comes in a neat wooden tray. The wooden pieces are very sturdy and colorful. There is not a printed image of the completed puzzle underneath the pieces, so it is pretty challenging for a four year old. But Little Bro was determined to complete it and was able to successfully do it and was very proud of completing the puzzle, to say the least! Most likely, I will take a photo and blow it up as a control of error chart for him so that he will have that to refer to the next time he builds this neat puzzle, as he enjoyed it very much, but really seemed to want to have something to use to refer to while completing the puzzle. 

All in all, we could not be happier with the generosity and professional response to our suggestion that we had sent them and think that it speaks volumes that they sent a nice letter and care package to show us their appreciation. This is what you want from a that backs their products and takes into consideration what a longtime customer and her family suggest. 

The giveaway that originally went with this post has ended.The winner was notified and has been sent their item. All comments from the giveaway have been deleted and the comments are now closed for this post. Thank you for your interest.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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