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Day 3: Grant Proposals #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

This post assumes that you have read the posts for Days 1 & 2 of  my series 31 Days of Disney Youth for Gifted Students. 
If you have not read Day 1, here is the link to Day 1
If you have not read Day 2, Here is the link to Day 2.

So you wanna go to Disney and have an amazing educational opportunity for your group...
Have you considered seeing if there is grant money available to help your group achieve their goal of attending one or more of the Disney Youth Programs?
If you haven't, you should, as there very well might be donors who could contribute to making this educational experience a reality for your group!

First, a few things to ponder before you try to research and write grant proposals:
Does your group have non-profit status?
If your group does not have nonprofit status, is your class, club, program, or co-op affiliated with a church or youth group with non-profit status? If you do have such an affiliation, would that organization be willing to be your sponsor?
Has your group decided come up with a list of the Disney Youth Programs that will best meet your educational needs?
Have you written a mission statement, educational objectives you hope to address, or the essential questions your group hopes to address while attending any of the Disney Youth Programs?

The answers to these questions will provide you with some key words to use when you begin to research grant opportunities for educational programs for gifted students. 

The old saying "Think Globally, Act Locally" sometimes comes into play too, as some donors have specific geographic criteria that they use to determine eligibility for applying for grant money.

If you happen to live in an area that has a local Community Foundation, you might wish to start there and have them give you some guidance to determine donors with a keen interest in your region. 

Grant money is broken down into four categories of giving, namely:
Giving by Individuals
Giving by Bequest
Giving by Corporations
Giving by Foundations

You may find that there are certain populations of donors who match your group well...
Don't overlook any of the four giving areas when you start your search for grant money. You may be surprised to find  a match from a bequest or a corporation...keep your search parameters wide at first and then, begin to narrow it down.

Once your group has an idea of what it hopes to do with respect to Disney Youth Programs, your group can then begin to research grant opportunities and see how what your group plans to do matches up with what a donor is looking to fund.

 Here is a link to my Grant Proposals Board on Pinterest:
There are pins related to tips and tricks to writing successful grants, sample grant proposals that were funded, infographics and flow charts related to grant proposals.
I also tried to find information related to grant proposals that tie in specifically with Disney as a whole.

Hope that you will peruse these pins in your group's search to make your Disney Youth Program plans a reality! If you happen to come across some great resources related to grants proposals, please leave a comment with the details and I will pin your suggestions onto this board as well.

Hope that you will come back to visit for Days 4-31!
We have a Contest and a giveaway coming up during the month, too! 
#DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

***Here is the overview for the month***

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Notebooks & Lapbooks
 (Day 4 Hint: This includes a contest!)

Day 5: Fundraising Ideas (including Links to Tutorials)
& Community Events

Day 6: Group Discussion: Payment, Sliding Scale, Scholarships, Forms

Day 7: National Association of Gifted Students Standards
& Disney Youth Programs

Days 8-30: Program Overviews & Tie-Ins (including Printables, 
as well as Daily Shares about Education for Gifted Students,  including Why I am Committed to Sharing about Equity & Excellence in Educational Opportunities for Gifted Students)

Day 8: Designing a Disney Story -
Grades 3-12, California

Day 9: Exploring the Golden State -
Grades K-6, California

Day 10:  Backstage at La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil  -
Grades 6-12, Florida

Day 11: Discovering the American Spirit -
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Day 12: Exploring Disney Animation History -
Grades 7-12, Florida

Day 13: Fundamentals of Photo Storytelling -
Grades 7-12, Florida

Day 14: Introduction to Global Citizenship -
Grades 4-9, Florida

Day 15: Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation -
Grades 6-12, Florida

Day 16: Disney's Approach to Leadership and Teamwork -
Grades 6-12, California

Day 17: Creating a Leadership Legacy -
Grades 6-12, California

Day 18: Creative Thinking the Disney Imagineering Way & 
The Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity
(both of these programs on Day 18) -
Grades 9-12, Florida

Day 19: Disney Leadership Strategies -
Grades 9-12, Florida

Day 20: Managing Your Personal Brand -
Grades 6-10, Florida

Day 21: Exploring Careers in the Marine Sciences (Grades 7-12)
Exploring Careers in the Zoological Sciences (Grades 10-12)
(Overview of both on Day 21) - Florida

Day 22: Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation -
Grades 6-12, Florida

Day 23: Energy and Waves Physics Labs 101, 201, 301 -
Grades 3-12, California & Florida

Day 24: Properties of Motion Physics Lab -
Grades 3-12, California & Florida

Day 25: Discovering Marine Life Conservation -
Grades 3-7, Florida

Day 26: The Evolution of Technology  -
Grades 6-12, Florida

Day 27: Everyday Chemistry 101 & 201 -
Grades 4-9, Florida

Day 28: Experiencing Synergy in Science  -
Grades K-3, Florida

Day 29: How Things Move -
Grades K-2, Florida

Day 30: Principles of Animal Behavior -
Grades 2-7, Florida

Day 31 - October 31st: Wrap Up & Giveaway! 

Remember, October 31st is a fun day full of tricks  & treats! 
You will find some here too on October 31st!

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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