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Day 15: Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

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Today is Day 15 out of 31 Days of Disney Youth Programs that are great for gifted students.

Will you please, for just a moment, mentally roll back in time until when you were somewhere between grades 6 and 12...

How did you handle it when you had to do something in front of the class?

Did you enjoy it?

How did you feel when you were asked  / told to work collaboratively with a group on a project?

Did you like projects and activities that were spur of the moment, where you had to quickly think on your feet and come up with something to present by the end of the class period?

Am sure that as people go back to their middle thru high school days, that there would be a wide range of memories ranging from: 

Oh, yes...I LOVED it when we did that! Getting in front of the group was awesome! Working on a creative group project and then presenting it was the best thing ever!!!
Oh, no...anything but reliving the horror of having to get in front of the class! Thinking about that makes me shudder, as it was one of the worst days of my school life!!!

Well, just picture that when you rolled back time, if you would have had the opportunity to go to WDW to take Techniques of Teamwork Through Improvisation...

Imagine if you had the chance to be in a program where everyone:
plays a role in a mock production and they are taught professional communication techniques that, with practice, help build confidence, unleash creativity and cultivate teamwork. 
During this hands-on program, as a student participant, according to Disney Youth, you will learn how to:
  • Harness the group's dynamics and build team cohesion.
  • Acknowledge the role of trust, creativity and teamwork in developing an effective improvisational performance.
  • Gain a greater understanding of the dynamics of successful improvisation.
  • Apply knowledge, skills and improvisational rules and tools to create an entertaining atmosphere that showcases teamwork and a cohesive story arc.
  • Build performance relationships to create an atmosphere where their creativity and self confidence flourishes.
  • Support one another as audience members and as performers.
Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation sounds like a wonderful opportunity for all students in Grades 6-12 who want to build their confidence and their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills!
Many gifted students are comfortable in the academic arena, but may need coaching with their interpersonal skills. So, to get the chance to try this in a three hour program with a group full of peers, all the while getting pointers from excellent Disney Youth Educators...well, how awesome!
When our sons are in the range of grades 7-12, my husband and I would LOVE for them to attend this program at Walt Disney World! While we have yet to try out this class, we would LOVE to be able to bring other students from our programs at Sunrise Learning Lab™ when everyone in our group is old enough to be able to attend, as it sounds like it would be fabulous at building group dynamics for all.

If you have attended Techniques of Teamwork through Improvisation, would really appreciate it if you would please share your experiences in the comments section or else via email.
Would love to hear feedback and to be able to share it with Disney Youth. If you are watching this on your laptop or PC, and you have Adobe Flash, you will be able to view this video clip.

Hope that you will read the other posts in this series.
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Logo used with permission. Property of Walt Disney Company.

Logo used with permission. Property of Walt Disney Company.
#DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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More Gifted Program Details!
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