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Day 7: NAGC Gifted Programming Standards & Disney Youth Programs #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

Today's post is #7 in a month-long #Write31Days series focusing on Disney Youth Programs & Gifted Students.

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While Disney Youth Programs are appropriate for all students***, here at Sunrise Learning Lab, we are focusing on how the various Disney Youth Programs are ideal for Gifted students.

Disney Youth Programs, the Walt Disney Company, and the National Association for Gifted Children have a very special relationship, so much so that there are plans in the works for NAGC to host its 2015 Conference at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.
Their relationship demonstrates NAGC's faith in Disney and its exemplary educational opportunities.
As a member of NAGC, it makes me happy to see that Disney and NAGC are on very friendly terms.

The National Association for Gifted Children created a document entitled Pre-K to Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards. NAGC states:

Teachers in specialized programs for gifted learners or those who coordinate gifted and talented programs and services should be familiar with the theory, research, curriculum strategies, and educational practices necessary to develop and sustain high quality classroom-based opportunities for advanced student learning.  (Source: website) 

Initially, from what I gathered (based on the program overviews and behind-the-scenes experiences we were given at the various Walt Disney World Resort parks in Florida), the Disney Youth Programs are truly unique and really get gifted learners.

If students attending a Disney Youth Program want to delve in deeper, or go at a faster pace, or utilize a higher level of thinking, they're encouraged to do that. The Disney Youth cast members who present the Disney Youth Programs are highly trained educators with extensive backgrounds in education as well as their specific subject area that they are teaching.

Was very impressed by their passion for their subjects they were presenting and by how they were able to express how they can adapt the breadth and depth of the course process and content to meet the interests, abilities, and needs of each and every class.

As far as differentiation of product, the end products were not shown while we were given an overview of the programs.  However, based upon the clearly written, well thought out handouts and suggested activities that appear for each class on the Disney Youth Programs website, it is entirely possible for teachers and homeschool co-op coordinators to be able to return to their respective schools and could take the coordinating Disney Youth handouts, print them out, and come up with differentiated products for the students to produce based upon their varying levels of learning.

As a follow up, I read the NAGC document regarding Gifted Standards and  reflected upon how Disney Youth Programs stack up to these standards.
Going down the document section by section only further illustrates that Disney Youth Programs are truly top notch!
If you plan to take a group of gifted students to Disney to attend a Disney Youth Programs, suggest that you review the NAGC document and then, consider keeping a checklist as to how Disney Youth Programs stack up. Think that you will also find that Disney Youth Programs not only meet but exceed these National Gifted Programming Standards

#DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

***If you are not looking specifically to address the needs of gifted learners with respect to Disney Youth
Programs, here are some additional links to excellent resources related to Disney Parks,  Disney Youth Programs, Homeschooling, and Special Needs:
Jody from Magical Mouse SchoolHouse
Penny from Our Crazy in Autism Land

Full Disclosure: I am a member of NAGC, but was not specifically asked to comment on the relationship that NAGC has with The Walt Disney Company and Disney Youth Programs in particular. Am just sharing my enthusiasm for both NAGC and Disney Youth Programs. 
Disney Youth Programs invited me to attend a Media Showcase in September 2014 to get a feel for what their programs have to offer. My family and I had a wonderful time! 
I offered to write these posts to help get the word out about how Disney Youth Programs very successfully meet the needs of Gifted students. 

Logo used with permission. Property of Walt Disney Company.

Logo used with permission. Property of Walt Disney Company.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!

We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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More Gifted Program Details!
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