Monday, October 20, 2014

Something New for You! Pinterest f5th Feature Boards!

Hello everyone!
In addition to doing the #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days Series, since so many of you have decided to follow me on Pinterest, thought that I would start something new:  f5th Feature Boards!
In case you don't know what f5th stands for, f5th stands for Fab Fresh Fun with Family & Friends.
A few years ago, when I started on Twitter and Pinterest, my blog name Sunrise Learning Lab was too long for Twitter or Pinterest so came up with f5th for the Five F's in what I tend to cover in social media:  
Fab (for Fabulous educational opportunities, toys, games, homeschooling classes, field trips)
Fresh (Fresh perspectives on education, giftedness, technology)
Fun (Fun ideas for arts & crafts, recipes, STEM / STEAM)
Family (Family-friendly travel, meals, holidays, entertainment, & date night with Dear Hubby)
Friends (Friends fun! Wine Club, homemade gifts, travel, shopping & other fun times )

If you would like me to feature a particular Pinterest board, please contact me.
If you have a family-friendly travel experience, field trip, product, or service, please feel free to contact me. 

Today's f5th Feature Board is called Mouse House

Mouse House is my newest Pinterest board.
Features adorable mouse crafts, books, book reviews (related to mice and our favorite mouse, Mickey) and snacks.
 Little Bro inspired me to make this board. He wanted to study architecture and to learn about different types of homes around the world. He then decided to make a cute little mouse house. During the fall and at Christmas time, we have several mouse-themed books that we pull out from year to year, so that may have been what inspired him. Some are favorites of mine from when I was a child. Little Bro had a great time creating his own mouse house!

He has enjoyed making various mouse crafts in the past, including the mouse ornaments he and Big Bro made when they were little. These cute little mouse ornaments are fun to make and then, to eat later, as the tails are made from candy canes! Here is how they looked on our tree last year:

Here is Little Bro's Mouse House. He created the entire house himself and had a blast doing it! He decorated his little cloth mice. Some have tails and some do not.  Each of his mice have names and he is now working at writing little stories to go along with his mice. Little Bro plans to give his mouse stories to his little cousin as a present.
This photo shows a close up shot of the outside of Little Bro's mouse house. He made a big slice of cheese and a slice of cake for his mice to eat. He created a window with glass made from tape and a door that opens and closes too.

This is Little Bro's mouse house.
He has The House Mouse poem by Jack Prelutsky on the floor of his house.

The House Mouse
by Jack Prelutsky

Little brown house mouse, laugh and leap,
chitter and cheep while the cat's asleep,
chatter and call and slip through the wall,
trip through the kitchen, skip through the hall.
Little brown house mouse, don't be meek,
dance and squeak and prance and tweak.
There's cheese to take and plenty of cake
as long as you're gone when the cat's awake.

Then, today in the mail, I got a wonderful book that I plan to review for you. 
How does it tie in with Mouse House
Why, because the book is about having fun at our favorite (Mickey) Mouse's House!!!   

My boys and I can't wait to read this together, as it gives awesome tips & tricks on how to have fun learning and playing at Walt Disney World Resort
What a treasure trove for homeschoolers who love going to WDW!!! Yay!!!
Thanks to Jodi Whisenhunt of Magical Mouse Schoolhouse: Learn While You Play! for sending an autographed copy of her book! Can't wait to share a review with my Pinterest and blog followers!
 Please be sure to check out Jodi's awesome blog!
If you do not follow Jodi on Pinterest, hope that you will do so, and as always, I really appreciate followers on Pinterest, so please follow me f5th too.
Am almost to 11,000 Pinterest followers thanks to all of you!!!

  Day 20 #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

Today is Day 20 out of 31 Days of Disney Youth Programs that are awesome for gifted students. 
If you have missed any of the posts in this series, here is a link to the kick-off post that contains links to all of the posts so far...

The focus for today is a neat program that will hopefully get students to really think before acting:
Managing Your Personal Brand.

Middle school and high school is an ideal time for students to think about the impressions that they make on social media. That is the generally the age range when kids start to use cell phones and have their own social media presence. It is when Think Before You Act becomes key.
Would love for my sons to attend when they are in the appropriate grade range for this program!