Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11: Discovering the American Spirit #DisneyYouth #Gifted #Write31Days

Today is Day 11 out of 31 Days of Disney Youth Programs & how well they work for gifted students.
Originally, my plan for today was going to be to tell you about Discovering the American Spirit, one of the Disney Youth Education Series classes held at Magic Kingdom in Florida.
But that was way back before I had the chance to read Penny's post, 31 Days of Homeschooling Using Disney Parks: American History.

Penny did a fabulous job mentioning the highlights from Discovering the American Spirit within this very well written, interesting much so that I really hope that you will pop over to her blog to read her post.
Like Penny, our family was invited to WDW by the PR team of Disney Youth.

While Dear Hubby and my sons had breakfast and swam in the phenomenal Beachside Water Recreation Area at Disney's Yacht Club Resort,

A group of us who were invited to be a part of the Media Showcase headed to Magic Kingdom  to check out some of the activities that students would get to experience in Discovering the American Spirit.

What will appeal to gifted students who attend Discovering the American Spirit ?
Well, for starters...
  • The passion for and the wealth of knowledge of American history that the Disney Youth Educators have (They are such a treasure trove of interesting facts about American history. Think they will especially like the tidbits they share regarding the Presidents). 
  • The ability of the Disney Youth Educators to dig in deeper with respect to the Five Eras of American History
Have made up a Discovering the American Spirit #DisneyYouth board on Pinterest as a resource for classroom teachers and homeschool families who plan to attend this program.  
Hope that these will be helpful to you as you and your students dive into history! Hope that you will be excited about Discovering the American Spirit, as it is a neat, hands on learning opportunity.

Logo used with permission. Property of The Walt Disney Company.

Logo used with permission. Property of The Walt Disney Company.

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We are happy to announce our gifted pilot program starting Fall of 2014!
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